BlackBerry Torch Review:Will It Shine In The Dark??


First Impressions
We Waited long for the arrival of the BlackBerry OS 6, and it is finally here with the rumored BlackBerry Torch 9800. A Touchscreen phone with a slideout QWERTY keyboard.Read More At:
CyBeR nAuTéS: BlackBerry Torch Review: Will It Shine In The Dark??


Reborn ... four times
I was using the Blackberry Pearl 8100 for 3 years. Was waiting for OS6 before upgrading. I bought the Pearl 3G9100 a few weeks ago (Just love the form factor - still feels like a phone). Generally quite satisfied. But this one did not come with Os6. I heard that this is atleast OS6 compatible. Does anyone know if I can load OS6 on it?
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