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  1. 1

    SRK beats Tom cruise in in rich list.

    The news is few days old but as per the reports SRK beats Hollywood’s Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson & Adam Sandler in Hollywood-Bollywood rich list. For more information refer...
  2. vickybat

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Dunno why there wasn't a thread for a game as impressive as "The Division". Build on Ubisoft's brand new snowdrop engine for next-gen consoles, the game promises to be a multiplatform coming in PS4 ,Xbox-One and PC. That means, there's no holding back from Ubisoft as it completely skips...
  3. B

    Tom clancy passes away....

    Tom Clancy passes away at 66
  4. SunnyGamingHD2

    How to Host Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2 correctly??

    I have recently purchased Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2 from flipkart.com i want to know the recommended procedure to host H.A.W.X 2, i can join servers but wen i tried to host no one else is joining even after half an hour please tell me settings for my router i am using PPPOE always on mode as i...
  5. Ronnie11

    Looking for an LCD monitor for 6500/-

    Hey guys,i am looking for an lcd monitor with a budget of 6500 bucks...this is for my dad so i am not really looking for a full HD(don't think i will get it anyway wit hthe budget) or a HDMI port as such...it will be used mainly to view movies,so i need a monitor with good contrast ratio,clarity...
  6. Gigacore

    The Incredible Machine [Video]

    This reminds me a show in tom and jerry... http://youtube.com/watch?v=Tf15Nlyr5_k
  7. Zangetsu

    Good Old Childhood Days....

    Hi,:) Frnds I know everybody loves 2 watch animation(or cartoon) now we dont get much time 2 see our favorite cartoons :D mine was: Swat Kats: & the evergreen Tom & Jerry:
  8. prankie

    Any GPS software for INDIA????

    I have O2 XDA Orbit GPS enabled phone, but i cant use the feature coz there are no softwares available.... fone came with copilot.. but there are no maps for india...!!! plz suggest a GPS software (not tom tom) which i can use?? and where can i find map of BHOPAL???
  9. chicha

    how to take screenshot of a c program.

    i need to take some screenshots of the out put of my project made in "c" i have used graphics in it. the print screen does not work, and i tried some other softwares and still it does not work. what to do? i will be happy if some one could help me out by tom. thank you.
  10. gangadhar

    Xbox 360: Games of 2008

    Xbox 360: Games of 2008 The list: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Q1 2008 Age of Pirates: Captain's Blood Q1 2008 Alan Wake APB TBA 2008 Backbreaker TBA 2008 Battlefield: Bad Company Q1 2008 Borderlands Q4 2008 Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Bully: Scholarship Edition Q1 2008 Burnout...
  11. R

    FEDORA 7 instaling HP 1018 Printer

    Hello, I inatalled fedora7 but cannot set up the printer. I am using HP 1018 laser printer (black and white). Can someone please help how to make it work??? Thanx tom
  12. iMav

    16 year old kids destroys $84Million P0rn Filter in 30mins

    After investing a cool $84 million in devising a porn filter the Federal Government in the land down under are now reeling, thanks to a 16-year-old schoolboy. Tom Wood, (who could actually be a porn star with that name), managed to hack the security measure within 30 minutes of it going live...
  13. A

    Design Of A Cartoon Movie...

    8) Hi Frienz...Well I was given a project of "Design Of A Cartoon Movie"(using flash or any other sftrs)for my institute...Well I hv some ideas abt flash..but i really dont know more abt it...Even I dunno how to creat a cartoon movie...well I hv taken "Funny Activities OF Tom & Jerry" as my...
  14. C

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Raven Shield (Review)

    Hello every body, I have newly joined in to this digit forum......any way lets start with some games review...i don't know how many of you people have tried your hands in Tom clancy's Rainbow Six 3 : Raven Shield ...but there is just one thing to say it is damn tough...
  15. bharathbala2003

    Most awaited Game of 2005..

    guys wat is the most awaited game by u this year.. mine.. GTA:SA Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, THE PATH OF NEO
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