1. GhorMaanas

    MS Lumia 430 or 435

    Hello! have to give a phone to my grandfather, and selected the 2 in the subject. could anyone pls tell which one of the two would be better? TIA!
  2. ithehappy

    Any way to connect my laptop with TV wirelessly?

    I generally connect my laptop with my Bravia with the HDMI cable, and it works fine needless to say, but all the clutter of cables, well...I was wondering if there is an way to connect the lappy wirelessly with the TV? I mean if the laptop had a screen mirroring feature then there would be no...
  3. RohanM

    Laptop buying query

    Hello TDF, My friend wants to buy below mentioned laptop. He is aksing whether he can install win 7/8 on it, as it's mention that it comes with ubuntu pre-installed. HP Pavilion 15-n011TU Laptop TIA.
  4. Nipun

    Preparatory book for BBA-MBA/BBA-LLB?

    Hello. I'm having my eyes on the 5-year integrated courses in BBA-MBA or BBA-LLB. I was passed a mock test by someone to test where I stand, and let's just say results are not good. :razz: Which book/study material/whatever should I buy/refer-to? TIA.
  5. ithehappy

    What is allocation size and what should be used for my SD card?

    I just bought a Sandisk Micro SD card. Now while formatting it as FAT32 I was wondering what allocation size I should use? Should I use default, or the largest value or what? What does it basically do? TIA.
  6. V


    Hello. I have a budget of Rs.1500 or below to buy a branded, good wifi dongle. Can anyone help me out? TIA.
  7. ithehappy

    Asking for a friend..

    As the title says one of my friend is buying the Zotac 210 GT GPU and he owns a Asus P5N-MX Motherboard. Will it support that board? He has another query, is the 210 GT card better than 9800 GT? Really tired and lazy, so can't search by myself. So TDF friends, please help me :razz: TIA.
  8. reniarahim1

    Any 3G Wireless/Wired Router With SIM Card Slot?

    Guys, Is there any router that can accept SIM cards. I am not looking for the one with USB port where the USB dongle can be connected. TIA....
  9. ithehappy

    Western Union branches in Kolkata?? [Urgent]

    Need to know, their website shows nothing on Kolkata. Confused. Can't be there isn't any WU in Kolkata right? TIA. PS- Bit urgent.
  10. KDroid

    Best Free PDF Editor?

    Please Suggest me a good PDF Editor. TIA. :)
  11. S

    Soundmagic earphones.

    Hello all I heard soundmagic earphones are great and i want to try one (PL30). Can anyone tell me where to buy ? i mean in the shops and not online.. I'm from Mumbai :) (thanks thakur) TIA
  12. mahesh

    Help needed for bios update

    My mobo specs i got wen i run sandra lite are Manufacturer --- Jetway Model --- NF-MCP61 System bios --- 01/30/2007-NF-MCP61-6A61KJ19C-00 i searched in internet for the bios update. but i didn't find anything. Is it possible to find the bios update for this mobo. I never tried...
  13. C


    Hi I am planning to buy a sata dvd writer and i wasn't able to decide on which one?? which is the best?? Budget around 2000 TIA
  14. T

    laptop check in at airport

    hi friends, dunno where to put it so asking here. i will be traveling with my laptop soon. What is the check in required at the airport? can it be passed through X-Rays et al? TIA
  15. esumitkumar

    Which external USB Hard Disk to buy ?

    Frnz I wanna buy a reliable and cheap USB Ext HDD from Nehru Place Delhi. Can somebody suggest me the company and prices of 20 GB / 40 GB drive TIA Sumit
  16. aakash_mishra

    New Mobile

    Hey Guys going to buy a new mobile........ What do you think about SE M600i SE P990i SE K750iWhich will be better for me................ TIA..... :)
  17. dreams

    Suggestion on UPS..

    Hi all.. I need to get a UPS which has some good backup and warranty..I live in chennai and want to have a good backup cos power cuts are freq.. price doesnt matter..any suggestions.. TIA
  18. esumitkumar

    How to connect laptop to desktop ?

    Hi All I want to connect my Acer laptop with my HCL Desktop . How can I do it. Please advise TIA Sumit
  19. esumitkumar

    Best CDMA with FM ?

    Is it Nokia 6585 ? Tata indicom users please enlighten me ...as I wish to take that. How much is the cost ? TIA Sumit
  20. eagle_y2j

    Help me buy this MB

    hii to all I have searched here and there a lot to buy this MB frm MSI "875 Neo-FISR (PCB 2.0)" but all in vain can anybody help me a (e)*shop selling this MB 1st hand TIA
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