1. sudhir_3193

    swans M10 or logitech Z-623

    hey friends kindly guide me in choosing the best speaker among these two. My requirements are music,movies and gaming. I am more inclined to logitech because of THX certification and 200 watts rms. Both are priced at 8000rs.
  2. patkim

    suggest DVD combo

    do we get DVD writer + BlurayDVD player combo drives. Could you suggest any good options and what could be the price range. thx
  3. M

    Is there any good 24'' samsung monitor available in kolkata

    hi friends, One of my friend looking for a samsung 24'' monitor. His budget is around 15k. Recommendations and suggestions please. thx in advance. also can anyone tell me is these monitors available in kolkata? samsung s24a300b Samsung BX2450 samsung t240hd
  4. G

    Dock station for IPod Touchth 4th Generation - 5K

    Hi Guy, I am looking for Ipod dock with FM, Alarm, remote. Can you guys suggest? Thx
  5. J

    VIERA TH-L32D25 LCD LED---Panasonic price

    hi, Whats best price of this model? OR Kindly suggest any other Panasonic Full HD 32 inches LCD-LED TV with approximate price. Thx Hi, Price quoted by dealer is 45k. Is it okay?
  6. J

    Samsung galaxy note

    hi, Whats launch date in INdia? What will be approx price? Thx
  7. yours_majesty

    ALTEC LANSING MX-5021 THX 2.1 Speakers

    Bought these wonderful speakers from a member of this forum about 10 months back, looking for a quick sale to buy Z-5500. Amazing sound quality without & with THX certified sound cards, ofcourse THX card sounds better. This comes completely box packed with retail invoice, need to check exact...
  8. patkim

    suggest a web camera

    Wish to buy a web camera. I have max 256 Kbps internet connection Which are the better options for me? I am not looking for very high resolution / bandwidth as such. Thx
  9. pepsodent

    Klipsch pro media 2.1 thx vesrion

    Klipsch pro media 2.1 thx version KLIPSCH Pro media 2.1 thx version arranged from States in July 2010 Scratch less condition Rs.8000 including 110v power supply. Location: Delhi ONLY FOR LOCAL BUYERS.
  10. patkim

    Photos on google earth

    Interested to know how one can get photos on the google earth. Could some one guide.. Thx
  11. M

    URGENT!!!! need LED monitor 22"

    Dear all i need suggestions from you for 22" LED monitor with-in 9k budget It should have HDMI port must I am going to buy this on DIWALI Thx. in advance
  12. U

    autorun manager

    can ne1 please sugest me a good task manager 1 which is not like d windows 1...something wich provides more details.... thx..!!
  13. patkim

    Windows 7 does not download

    I am trying to get the Windows 7 90 Day trial. After I complete the required steps online, it lands on a page that says 'Please wait while the Download Manager begins your download' and other such msg, but then it does nothing. It also says if this does not work then Download products using...
  14. patkim

    query abt wireless mouse

    Thinking of buying a wireless mouse Which is a good option? Microsoft, Logitech etc What type of battery it uses and typically what’s the life of battery Thx
  15. N

    Movies Management Software

    Plz suggest a gud MOvies management Software.I have loads of movies n want to orderly arrange them..thx
  16. amitash

    spliting vocals from a music track

    Hey, i regularly need to split vocals from a music track and retain the music track...I have found many softwares that claim to do this but none of them work satisfactorily....Is there anyway to do this? thx.
  17. R

    Best deal for Invertors

    Please suggest me a good inverter with great battery backup and stability between 10k- 12k. Need futuristic and value for money product. Thx Rajanav
  18. V

    system not detecting 4 gb ram

    i recently upgraded to 4gb ddr2 ram and using XP 64-bit SP2 OS....Xp only recognizes 2.9GB. also when checking whether games are compatible or not using it only shows 2.9GB of RAM. wat should i do to make my system recognize 4GB? i use asus commando motherboard. plz...
  19. a_to_z123

    Recommend a book for Visual C# 2008

    Hi guys, I would like you to recommend me a book for Visual C# 2008 by which I can learn advanced concepts for Windows Application designing. I quite versed in C# and also know the basics of WinForms.. So plz help!! Thx
  20. N

    VISTA transformation Pack

    plz can u give me link to VISTA transformation pack (latest) thx
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