1. O

    app help

    are there any paid tech magazines for ios? also is there thinkdigt on ios? and tell names of other magazines than thinkdigit also thnks in advanc
  2. C

    motherborad(gigabyte) & processor at 7000

    Hi, i need good motherboard(gigabyte) & processor(intel) at 7000rs. thnks in advance Regards, Diptesh
  3. B

    New pc under 35k rs

    Guys I want to change ma CPU..... I would be using hdd,monitor,mouse,DVD drive,keyboard from previous pc..... Pls suggest me new config..... Any help would be appreciated..................... Thnks in advance.....
  4. K

    laptop battery

    Hey guys... I have a toshiba satellite a100 709 laptop and now its battery has died down. I searched for a replacement battery in several local shops but could not find it anywhere. If anyone knows where its available please do inform me. Thnks...
  5. rohit2hell

    Help Me.. Me and My Memory.. :(

    Hi to All digitians...:smile: heres my CPU-z result im little bit confused n panic:-(.. i bought Ram - transcend 1333Mhz.. bt in its result is showing 668.9Mhz.. can anyone please tell me that im right or wrong.. or is there other way.. or my ram is not running at 1333Mhz if so how can i do...
  6. M

    Sony VAIO VGN-CS17G

    hey guys, How is Sony VAIO VGN-CS17G to buy? thnks in advance magneticme200
  7. M

    I have my n900.!!

    hey guys.... ive the n900 with me now....after a wait of about a month... its just super cool:) you are most welcome to clear any of your quarries if you have about the im using the device in a position of answering your doubts if/any..! thnks magneticme200
  8. M

    chrome os

    hey guys i want to have chrome its kinda confusing. could somebdy post the complete step by step installation instruction. i have ubuntu 8.10 as the base os pls i want to have it thnks tc
  9. M

    A 14-15k USB tv

    hey guys., im in search for a lcd television which has a usb port in it!!! pls help! thnks in advance magneticme200
  10. goldie999

    System Restore point

    Hello friends... Thnks for listening.. Pls help me as I cannot create a restore point since yesterday.. System restore is ON but whenever I try to create a new restore point, it says "cannot create a restore point. restart the computer and try again " Restarting the computer has...
  11. Ron

    Required:' SMS

    Guys, I want some gud sms . So plz list some gud sites for it. thnks
  12. naveen_reloaded

    Wifi Network multiplayer

    Guys is it possible to play multiplayer on wifi with friends in my college with using wifi as lan ?? will hamachi be helpful ?? is it possible to play nfs uc on wifi ?? please do help ... and thnks .. if not nfs uc can cs be played ?? thnks a lot..
  13. sushan

    cannot open flash drive with windows script host

    Helo,fresns I cannot find the flash drive as i plug in it says,"cannot find the script file semiantivirus.vbs",pls suggest me ,i have tried many that some of my frens suugest me. thnks
  14. Ron

    Downloading Miniclip Games

    guYS, i want to download the miniclip pls giv me the torrent or any other link it is quite irritating to download from website thnks in adv.... Ron
  15. D

    Overclocking Issue?

    Hi every1. i want to overclock my PC but i cant do it.I tried some overclocking guide sbut they were of no help..... I have a Vintron MotherBoard with Award Bios and a Pentium-3 PLease Help Thnks in advance
  16. D

    Graphic Card

    How can i detect whether i have a graphic card or not? How can i now my Graphic memory? Thnks in advance Pallav AHooja
  17. Ron

    Ultimate Boot Cd

    Guys, What is this ultimate boot cd................How does it work........ -Thnks In Advance Ronak Agrawal......
  18. M

    best antivirus

    guys my config for the pc is 2.4 intel pIV 512 ddr1ram 845 intel chip 120gb hard drive wat is the antivirus, spyware, firewall solution for my pc...which serves the purpose in the best possible way and also doesnt hamper my pc's performance that very much.. thnks in advance.. manan
  19. V

    MSDN and vista support ccoudnt help me with this! can anyone here plz!

    I want to change the color or the blue bar to anything other, i prfer black..that color there now is somehing i dont like and is distracting me a lot! thnks 4 the help! * comeon!
  20. Ron

    How to Recover Deleted Files

    Guys…. Accidently,I Hv deleted some imp files from my PC……….Now, Is it possible to get those files back Thnks in Advance
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