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  1. rohit2hell

    Graphic card Around 10K

    Hi All Digitians i wanna buy a Graphic card around 10K please suggest me :) Iam thinkin to go wid ATI thnks in advance :)
  2. M

    N-Gage on N96

    i currently hv a n81 nd thinkin of upgrading to n96... does any one hv a clue how's gameplay on n96 since i really don't want to compromise on it plz tell from ur exp.. :D:p
  3. redhat

    Is Fly Hummer worth the buy??

    Friends, im lookin to buy a new cell phone I was thinkin on how bout buyin a Fly Hummer?? Any suggestions??
  4. aytus

    Changing Graphic Card in XPS 1530

    hi guys i was thinkin about ordering an xps 1530 from dell.. but was thinkin bout wheather it will b possible for me to change the gfx card later ?? i know the ram can b easily changed.. but im not sure bout gfx card. also can i find a laptop graphic card in the market.. ?? thanks.. :confused:
  5. teejay_geekEd

    Best Phone under 20 k

    Guys.. Plz help me decide which is the best phone to buy under 20 k?... It shud have great looks n meant for entertainment purposes... N it shud be a phone a girl wud love.. (not for me..:p ) Thanks.. (i was thinkin of K850i)///....
  6. Stalker

    URGENT:Laptop Needed For 50k Budget

    hi guys, My friend wants to buy a laptop.......Budget 50 k Needs: The best laptop gaming expereince in that price range / also office work... Plz suggest one. He's actually thinkin abt going for Dell Inspiron 1520....is it gud? Thx in Advance.....:) P.S. : Is this thread in the right...
  7. K

    USB Pen Drive..

    Me thinkin of buying a USB pen drive since long time.....:) Earlier was thinkin of 1gb but now since prices have reduced so thinkin of goin for a 2-4 GB drive.....:D So what are the approx costs(Mumbai) of the pen drives for capacities(2-4gb)...Also tell me wich brands to go for..:confused...
  8. forever

    whats the best airtel plan

    i have holidays comin up and thinkin of dumpin my mtnl broadband which is a disaster when it comes 2 speed, they say its in the area, lines are messed up, so im thinkin of switchin 2 airtel, what is the best airtel plan, i mean my budget is under 500, and yes hows sify, dont know of either of...
  9. vikramkh

    Just wana buy a headset

    i was thinkin of gettin a headset for listenin to music late nights or peacefully from the computer i was first thinkin of buyin simple ear phones but i saw this philips headset at my friends place really liked just wonderin are there ny better in the market or which model in philips is the best.
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