1. R

    refill printer catrdige

    i have a canon mp145 all in one i waqnt to refill black ink can any1 guide me with step by step procedure photos or videos shall be a great thelp also can any1 tell me teh budget,,,,,hw much is th ink bottle come u[pto the brand name etc.... and which syringe to use
  2. N

    Help with IDM partial/stuck download

    I was downloading a movie using IDM and as my luck goes it got stuck up at 98.3% and won't continue. Now is there a way to recover this fie and use it? Given the remaining is hardly 2% at the worse I would be just loosing teh end credits of the movie. . . I already looked at the target folder...
  3. S

    Mother board spec

    Like there is speed and FSB for processor, rpm and capacity for HDD, How do you select the motherboard? what are teh criterions?
  4. caje143

    Requirements for Setting Up A Home Network

    Hi All, I Will be subscribing for a DSL connection for my flat at a speed of 256Kbps... i want to connect my Laptop, my Brother's PC, My Sister's PC and also i want to leave an option if at all i want to join another PC to this network... So can you'll please suggest and help me in knowing...
  5. anarchy0x

    best powersupply or UPS

    what would be the best power supply or UPS for a C2D?? of course also consider a good gaming card like teh 8800 coz that ll need a good PS or UPS
  6. H

    What is WHQL????

    Hi everyone, I downloaded teh latest Graphics Card driver recently and its version says v.91.47 WHQL.... What does this WHQL mean???? And how is it different from the other Drivers????
  7. P


    hi friends.. happy that now there r no restrictions to blogspot.com do uknow..where can i get excellent templates for this blogger??? and how to edit these templates?? i cudnt find the proper colum width etc in the html code given into it..! where teh correct code for column width is...
  8. A

    Scanner Benq 4300U Repair advice needed

    Hi I have a Benq 4300U scanner. It recently stooped working when I left it powered overnight. Gave it to Benq Service centre who told mw that they don't have parts for this model. They told me that the fault is with teh PCB which sits on teh CCD. 1. can anyone suggest a repair centre in...
  9. M

    to increase teh sound of mobile

    is there any ways to improve the sound of a mobile. Is there any codes available for it
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