1. R

    Searching info in forums

    Guys.. Please tell me how to Google search for some information that is available in forums. For eg. I need to read Graphics Card Reviews that are available in forums such as our forum or techtree forum, techarena forum etc. So kindly tell me how to search using Google.
  2. nitansh

    Buying a New Mobile? Check Out These Sites!

    Want to buy a mobile? Don't know where to find the correct specs or a detailed review or perhaps a trusted online shop? Here we have all the important sites listed. SHOPPING SITES: Flipkart *** Letsbuy *** Saholic Univercell TheMobileStore HomeShop18 *** Adexmart Ebay Yebhi BuyThePrice...
  3. V

    Playstation 3 Review

    Check the pics of PS3 , u gonna love it source techtree
  4. D

    Gaming Pc for 50k

    Source Techtree Please visit here for the whole story here is the final config
  5. A

    About Price of Acer Laptop

    Hi Guys, I just want to know the exact price acer travelmate 4002WNLC. Its really confusing :? coz as per digit the price is something around 52,000 . But when i asked the shopkeeper of acer mall in Pune he said that its priced aruond 72,000 :shock: :!: :!: So much...
  6. B

    Advice please: XFX 5700LE or Asus 9550

    Ok guys, Im buying GFX card in a few days. I was looking at the Asus A9550GE which sells for Rs. 5500/-. says that this is a nice card. Also was looking at XFX 5700 LE 128 MB. But here the review in DIGIT contradicts the one in techtree. Techtree says Asus is slighly better whereas...
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