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  1. L

    what is meant by cross platform technique?

    What is meant by cross platform technique. How do they implement in mobile app development. Suggestion please...
  2. A

    Website seo for Multicountry?

    Hi guys, I want to know How to promote the single .com website for all countries in world? What are the content and on page technique for this and most important which Geographic target to select under Google webmaster tool.
  3. A

    eCommerce website promotion

    How to promote every page of eCommerce website? What are the on page and off page technique for this?
  4. Harsh Pranami

    Need help with Greedy Technique Problem

    Here goes the question. Given a class S of sets Si where 1<=i<=m. Let the size(cardinality) of a set Si be ji. A subset T of S, T={T1, T2, ........., Tk}, where Ti= Sr in S. T is a cover of S if U Tk= U Si , 1<=i<=m. A minimum cover of S is a cover of minimum size. Consider the greedy strategy...
  5. Disc_Junkie

    New Lip-Reading Cell phones System...

    The next time you come across a loudmouth yammering away into a cell phone at top volume, be comforted by the fact that researchers are working on a mobile phone that could put an end to “volume-control challenged” people. The lip-reading phone would allow people to silently mouth their...
  6. L

    help in selecting programming technique

    I need a simple INVENTORY program, where 50 inventory Items are listed and by its side the stock is displayed and there are two buttons "in" for adding and "out" for deducting stock. What programming technique (Language or Methodologies) would be best?
  7. gxsaurav

    X-rays get boost from "dark field" technology

    We jump at every technological advancement in the computer industry, but is computer industry the only industry worth watching??? How many of you know that Philips makes the largest number of TV Picture tubes & CT Scans for hospitals...not many I suppose. Something which deserves to be...
  8. koolbluez

    Great Slow Sync Flash Images

    This post features a series of images that all use a fun and striking technique called Slow Sync Flash. This technique combines a slower than normal shutter speed combined with a flash during the exposure. Learn how to use Slow Sync Flash. Source
  9. koolbluez

    Tie a tie

    Came across a nice site givin nice illustrations on how to tie a tie. Felt my friends'll be interested. So, here it is... A sample, our common Windsor technique... [Source]
  10. mediator

    IP from Yahoo Messenger!

    Hi OK.....lotta friends of mine asking this question too! So here it is..... The people who already know such stuff can ignore this and stop using word as LOL/OLD news. Technique A 1. GAIM is the software that lets u have the IP of the person directly chatting. 2. All u need to do is inititiate...
  11. rahul_becks23

    H.264 technique for AVI

    is there any software that can encode into AVI using the H.264 technique. I know that we can do this by encoding into MOV file but i dont know about any software that does into AVI. Thanks
  12. champ_rock

    bluetooth sms

    is it possible to send text messages via bluetooth to another person's mobile........... any such application or a technique will be good.........
  13. mohanty1942

    About Multiplexing

    Tansmitting more than one signal over a single channel/line is called Multiplexing. What is the technique used for transmiting several cable TV channels over a single co-axial cable (in CATV systems) ? I want to know the exact technical terminology of the technique used. Thank you.
  14. Sourabh

    Games so good you can taste them

    Games so good you can taste them If you think video games are engrossing now, just wait: PlayStation maker Sony has been granted a patent for beaming sensory information directly into the brain. The technique could one day be used to create videogames in which you can smell, taste, and...
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