1. F

    buying advice for 2.3k budget headphone

    I am looking forward at buying a set of cans for mycasual listening.with a budget of 2.3k, i got my eyes on sennheiser hd202II . Its available on flipkart for 2035INR, and has got pretty decent buyers reviews. Just wanted to check on some techies reviews, any other suggestions are welcome. I'll...
  2. rajeshjsl

    wifi modem help , techies come here !!

    ok guys i have a wifi modem and its internet is shared by 6 ppl , its airtel 1 mbps internet . ok now what i want is a priority system , i mean when i start using the internet i get more speed compared to others like 100KB/s for me and 30KB/s for others . and when i dont use it i mean i dont...
  3. S

    Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H Rev 1.0 or 1.1 or 3.3 ???

    Hi Techies Please me the difference between Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H Rev 1.0 , 1.1 and 3.3. Which one is the way to go? Thanks
  4. Kniwor

    Calling all Delhi Techies....

    ok guys, Here's the deal, how about all the interested techies in Delhi meet up at Nehru Place for a buyout/meet, we can discuss technology and buy stuff at discounted rates, and sip a coffee or maybe just chill around, trying to coordinate with ppl on another tech forum too (TE) and...
  5. P

    Wierd Problem in XP

    There is a file named "a.txt" in my D drive.. It contains only one word : "close" I keep on delete it and it gets created automatically after a while.. Avast antivirus does not report it as virus infection.. I dono which program creates the file to annoy me everytime.. The same...
  6. B

    Help regading Web Hosting service......!!

    hey ppl........... this is bhavesh here..... doing MCA....... i soon planning to desing website for the small scale business........ with current scope of static webpages...... which will consist of all the product discription..... now i m looking out for some good web hosting service...
  7. Goten

    Wanna B frens On Yahoo - Dosti Karni Hai

    Actually I was just wondering ki agar hum sab YAHOO pe as frens added ho toh kinna aacha hota so that we can talk a whole lot more then how much we do right now in forum. Just wanted to get to know more techies n incredible persons with different ideologies. Add me as ur fren on yahoo...
  8. D

    How to integrate Webcam in GoogleTalk

    hey dudes...... I've been using Google Talk for quite a while now ... its seems a nice app but for one BIG hitch....... I cant use my webcam while chatting... can any one of u techies out there come up with a solution??? NB -> I've used one third party sw..... but as expected..... it did...
  9. virus_killer

    how to delete an orkut account ?? help..!!

    hi techies, want to delete my orkut account, can u tel me how do i do it ?? help..!!!
  10. C

    internet and its applications

    guys, i know its a kinda boring... But we should list all the applications that we know bout the internet. Mayb sum techies might be able to tell us applications unheard of.
  11. G

    update ur knowledge about processors..

    this is a beautiful article i found at pcworld.. wont be of that much help to the techies.. but would help a lot of newbies brush up on their knowledge about cpu's.. here
  12. J

    Internet Explorer

    I have 2 user accounts (1admin and 1Limited) in my computer. for the past few IE is showing some error. i can browse only in one window. multiple windows are not openiing for it. for eg: if i am using yahoo on on window and if i click on the IE shortcut again the yahoo contents will...
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