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  1. mikael_schiffer

    I thought IE 11 was Good, but it looks like $hit

    Today, by mistake somehow i opened Internet Explorer. I was quiet surprised by how different it looked. Upon closer inspection i found it is Internet Explorer 11. I dont recall downloading it ever.. Anyways.... Once i started opening up pages i was quiet surprised at all the visduals. Something...
  2. rahul18348

    Airtel's new FUP policy?

    Has airtel really upgraded their Bandwidth Cap to 512kbps (min) as cited on their own website. I am thinking about switching over to Airtel from BSNL to Max 80GB plan. I had contacted local Airtel offices and they were surprised also. They asked me to send an email so that they can clarify from...
  3. J

    Don't be surprised when your cheap PSU blows up (Intex, iBall, Circle etc.)

    read this article: Don't Be Surprised When Your Cheap PSU Blows Up : 1670 Watts For $60? so dont buy el cheapo power supplies.
  4. R

    demoniod is back n working!!!!

    While searching for Ubnutu ISO I got to it & was surprised to see it working & now finally downloading the latest Ubnutu beta.
  5. Batistabomb

    What will you do ?

    Guys here is a small question which i got msg on my mobile : On a fine midnight you and your very best friend are talking to each other on the upstairs and enjoying the cool climate in a good atmosphere, suddenly in the room behind you found Landline phone of your's is ringed,you went to answer...
  6. Vivek788

    Yahoo! Photos Closing

    Hey I got a strange mail saying Yahoo! photos is closing and will be supported till october some date only,so please move onto Flickr.That too,there is a direct link to transfer all your photos in Yahoo to Flickr. I was surprised that nothing about this was posted here.I would like to know if...
  7. pushkaraj

    Need softwares for Vista 64-bit!!!

    Hey guys, can anyone provide me some info regarding where can i find softwares for windows vista 64-bit. I am not talking about softwares that SUPPORT Vista 64 but those that are MADE for Vista 64. Because the softwares that SUPPORT Vista 64 run in a 32-bit environment. Can someone help...
  8. khansdream

    Computer Found.....!!!

    Hey guys. Got a new problem & ridiculous as well (atleast for me..........:D) Everytime I log in and as soon as I get ready to start something, my XP tells me 'New Hardware Found' and you will be surprised it says 'Computer'. I wanna know why this message 'New Hardware Found- Computer' is...
  9. M

    pc clock is behaving erratically

    I am surprised to find that the date and timing change on their own on my pc. Could it be due to a virus...which one? Usually this happens only after shutdown thanks manish
  10. abhi_shake

    Choosing the laptop

    I am a traveller and hell bent on games. Could u reccommend a laptop that is powerful yet light around 2 - 2.5 kg. I myself found three laptops namely - Dell inspiron 6000(around 2.5 kg), Acer ferrari 3000(2.9 kg) and sony Vaio s (1.89 kg). Seeing the weight of the Vaio I was surprised...
  11. D

    Quickheal better than Norton

    Yeah you've heard it right. Quickheal is better than Norton. It was succesful in removing Parite from the root. You'll be surprised to know that Norton could only touch it and give dumb warnings.
  12. A

    Paint yourself in ASCII art

    Convert your pictures to Alphabets. You will be surprised to see the accuracy http://labnol.blogspot.com/2004/09/ascii-art-made-easy.html
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