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Choosing the laptop

Which laptop u think??

  • Acer Ferrari 3000

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  • Sony Vaio S

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Broken In
I am a traveller and hell bent on games. Could u reccommend a laptop that is powerful yet light around 2 - 2.5 kg.

I myself found three laptops namely - Dell inspiron 6000(around 2.5 kg), Acer ferrari 3000(2.9 kg) and sony Vaio s (1.89 kg).

Seeing the weight of the Vaio I was surprised, and i have almost made up my mind on it. But I don't know about there after sales services in India and there performance. Cud somebody throw some light on this

Also tell me if there is a better laptop out there.


Cyborg Agent
Are you sure abt the Dell, cuz i afaik its powered by the GMA which isn't wot gamers normally look arnd for. Also the Acer 3000 is powered by the 9200 which is adept for gaming but not at too high resolutions.

No idea abt which Vaio S u are talking abt since there are a dozen models in that series. Even those come with 9200 or atleast most of them.

There is a ACI Impression M11 which costs arnd 1L. Its got the features u need for gaming. A 2Ghz dothan, 512MB DDR, ATi 9700 card :),
I have a Dell Latitude D600 and it's craps out in all games except 4 year
old ones.

Sorry to say that laptops just aren't meant for gaming. My very good friend
who recently purchased an LG laptop with Radeon 9700 will second this
fact. LS50 I think, about AUD 2500 on special.

Serious gaming laptops like Alienware will cost you an arm and a leg.
You might even break an arm and a leg trying to lug these overweight
monsters around :lol:

And the amount of heat they generate is enough to heat a medium sized
room. Good if you live in a place where outside temperatures are
12 to 15 degrees.

I've been travelling a lot recently and am starved of some serious flight
simming as my notebook just won't take it.
(Not that I'd enjoy gaming on my notebook more than the
company of some lovely Thai girls :wink: :wink:)

If you're seriously in the market for a gaming latop search the web
for Desktop replacement laptops (DTR's).



Right off the assembly line
Why not Compaq presario 3817 in the poll

I have just bought a compaq presario 3817 yesterday and ran unrealtournament 2004 with almost full settings on and gave me no problems at all. It comes with Ati 9700 mobile with 64 mb and 512 mb ram with dvd writer. i further added 512 mb ram and is doing wonders with games and photoshop and all i throw at it.


Wise Old Owl
i beg 2 differ @Keith....i have the dell inspiron 9100 and it doesnt heat up that much...and plays even doom3 without any trouble...of course, it aint the lightest thing around...but it comes with a desktop prescott 3.2Ghz, 1GB dual channel DDR and 128MB mobility radeon 9700....and the new dell xps gen 2 comes with the latest geforce 6800 ultra...but 2 issues with gaming laptops...too expensive and too heavy...
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