1. Gigacore

    Airbus A380 super jumbo lands at Delhi on Sunday

    Airbus A380 super jumbo lands at Delhi on Sunday 5 May 2007 New Delhi: The Airbus 380 super jumbo, the world's largest passenger aircraft, will land for the first time in India on Sunday, 6 May 2007 at the New Delhi international airport. Currently, only the Delhi, Mumbai and Kochi...
  2. xbonez

    antec super lanboy

    what would be the approx cost of an antec super lanboy? does it come with a psu (what rating) and where in delhi can i get it?
  3. V

    DVD Writer not available

    I am from Dehradun(Uttarakhand). In my city Lite-on Super AllWrite LH-20A 1P 20X DVD Writer is not available..Can anyone please help me...? Thank You
  4. gaurav_indian

    'India, Pak not good enough for WC' - Habibul Bashar

    Source :- 2 match kya jeet liye apne aap ko pata nahi kya samajh rahe hai yeh Bangladeshi.:mad:
  5. Manshahia

    Best Web Browser? See this...

    Source: Super Computing April 2007
  6. Chetan1991

    Tutorial:How to Super Secure your files!

    :D Hi to all!This is my first tutorial.I had posted a challenge for veterans in QnA section which was completed by only one member and not many veterans answered it.So here's the method I super secured a file:D : :idea: What you need: 1. WinZip or WinRar or any other such utility. 2. A file...
  7. praka123

    Super Gamer 2 DVD-Play 3D Games

    Is a live DVD(huge!) America's Army, Cube, Doom 3, Enemy Territory, Legends, Nexuiz, Privateer, Quake 4, Soldier of Fortune, UFO: Alien Invasion, UT2004, Wesnoth, Postal 2. Arcade games and more Only available as torrent :( review...
  8. K

    super woofers

    hi friends, what are super woofers and how are they better than subwoofers.recently i am seeing only subwoofers even i ipod docks and rearly hearing about super woofers.what are they.please explain me.
  9. S

    limiting to admin only

    i have a powertools software that allows to tweak win setting..but it is accessible to all user even guest and limited user can use it and make changes... so how can i make a particular program only usable by super or admin users... i am using xp 2006
  10. executioner


    Hi, On the digit cd-dvd box cover this month there is a picture of super mario sunshine game.Is that game been given this month?
  11. H

    TV tunar card is this card good?

    hi is " super videoCapture " tv tunar card is good? its cost is Rs 1100 .
  12. Kniwor

    Post ur scores...

    Post ur scores.... Aquamark, 3dmark06, super pi 1M, and ur overclock.......... DO NOT post ur score without a screenshot or link........ just putting numbers is not appreciated... Here's mine.... Aquamark 3 ::: 67650 :::
  13. Sourabh

    Nintendo's NES game console turns 20

    Nintendo's NES game console turns 20 It was 20 years ago today, to quote the Beatles song, that "Super Mario Bros." started to play. On Oct. 18, 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) first went on sale in the United States. It was an 8-bit video game console, and largely thanks to...
  14. S

    super sensitive tiny external microphone

    super sensitive tiny (preferably wireless) external microphone Hi friends... Is it possible to get in india and preferably in Kolkata or online; super sensitive (so that the microphone is able to catch voices from long distances) microphone which is of say size of earphones...
  15. B

    Nero burner

    Hi friends What is SUPER VIDEO in Nero burner?
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