1. P

    External subtitle problem, please help!

    I am using mpc hc with renderer madvr latest with lav filters. I am using xysubfilter version 682 beta for subtitles but it only displays embedded subtitles, external .srt subtitle files are not diplayed. I heard a registry hack is availlable for it but could not find it. Please help me...
  2. C

    FileBot-The ultimate tv renamer / subtitle downloader / sfv validator

    Just found this nifty tool.Helped a lot renaming my entire anime collection according to episode titles. All automatically with almost no user interaction.Give this a try. Also downloads subtitles by matching automaticaly. Description from sourceforge page. --FileBot is the ultimate tool...
  3. anish_sha

    Subtitle edit : split 1 srt file in to two

    hi guys i got a subtitle file which is a single file... but the movie im having is splitted in to two files.. pls suggest me a good software which can help me to split the srt file also in to two,,,,,,,
  4. A

    how to use subtitle in 6-1 dvd

    recently i have bought a dvd which is 6-1 i have downloaded sub title for them but i am not be able to play them as they are meant to be..i think they are generally for 700 mb rip but i am having files of different size like one 0.99 mb file has 1 movie full and other movie in half and...
  5. veddotcom

    I Wanna See my Movies With Subtitles On TV...But How?

    I have Movie and it's Subtitle, I can Play Movies Along with Subtitles on the Computer Screen, But How Should i Write Those TWO Files on MY DVD So Can i See Movies with The Subtitles on The TV, I Know There is Some Softwares Available From which i can Merge Subtitle with the Movie, But How...
  6. sravan

    about subtitles

    When I download subtitles from, there are numbers like 160x ,1296x on top of download link. what these num indicate? how to know whether a subtitle file syncs with our video without playing?
  7. naveen_reloaded

    Subtitle for English Movies on TV - Ur Take ??

    Hi all.... I have been recently seeing more subtitle emerging in many english movie channels for many these subtitle can really be a great distracting factor... and isnt that odd to see a eng sub to eng film ?? which should be like a tamil sub for eng film or so... my question here is ...
  8. ironfreak

    subtitles run ahead of video :(

    I downloaded TV serial 24. They are avi files each around 370mb compressed using Divx. But when I drag the subtitle file, the text runs ahead of video by 10-20 seconds. I tried subtitle files (.srt) from 7 different websites and same happens every time. Please help me. Whats the solution to this...
  9. aminsagar123

    SRT Subtitle Framerate

    Is there any way to change framerate of srt subtitles in subtitle workshop or any other freeware. I have a movie with 23fps and subtitle with 25fps. Please help.
  10. saurabh kakkar

    help me on subtitles

    hi i m looking for a software that can automatically load the subtiltes for the Movie that i m playing . Is there Any ? If not plz suggest me the way through which i can search the Proper subtitle for the movie ? How can i see the frame rate of the movie ?
  11. S

    Subtitle Issue.

    hi everyone i hv downloaded some movies from net(DVD riped 2 cd version), with their subtitles but i dont know how to burn vcd using these subtitle files plz tell me how can i burn disc using these subtitles files. N name the softwares too. THX
  12. A

    how to make subtitle file

    i want to create myself subtitles for a movie. how ?
  13. shyamno

    Adding Subtitles and the Movie..

    How to use the subtitle and the movie play together..?? I am using VLC player..??and other software that supports the subtitle along with the Windows media player or real Player..or Nero showtime..etc..
  14. P

    want to add subtitle to jpg image . which software

    I can do it using microsoft paint . but I am looking for a better software for this. want to add subtitle to jpg image .
  15. nil_3

    DivX Subtitles Query

    Are the DivX subtitle files(.srt) editable? I want to convert this into a .txt subtitle file. Also I want to join two .srt files into a single .srt file. Please name the process/software by which I can do that.
  16. sid_ashok

    Subtitle problem

    i have subtitle for my movie how to load it. movie is ripped in avi format.
  17. nil_3

    subtitle ripping

    Please name the best DVD subtitle ripping software. Also please name a commercial software, if available.
  18. nil_3


    I just want to know whether the subtitle of a DVD movie can be imported to a DVD authoring software
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