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  1. B

    Strontium or Sandisk

    Dear Friends, The title states it all, which is better Strontium or Sandisk performance wise for memory cards of phones? Since classes of memory cards won't matter much if the memory card is going to land up in a phone, I am more inclined towards Strontium because as per Amazon's customer...
  2. S

    Samsung Evo+ vs Strontium Nitro

    Hi Looking forward to buy a microsd card to be used in smartphones only.I am looking to buy a 64gb card only and have narrowed down between Samsung evo+ 64gb and Strontium nitro 64gb which one would be better,how reliable are strontium cards vs samsung. Samsung Evo+ 64GB Class 10 microSDXC...
  3. harshilsharma63

    [Praise] Great service by Strontium India

    Hi. I recently RMA'd an EVM 2 GB DDR3 desktop. For those who don't know, EVM is a brand of Strontium. I submitted the ram on 23rd September and received it today; 30th September. Although the ram had arrived on Saturday itself, I could not collect it due to rain. List of Strontium service...
  4. A

    Sandisk vs Strontium

    Hi, I was initially planning on buying a Sandisk microSD card (16/32 GB).The ones I was planning to buy are class 4 cards. But I see Strontium microSD cards class 6/class 10 with the same capacity in more or less the same price as Sandisk. I was wondering if Strontium cards will be as...
  5. G

    Help in to buy pendriive

    Hi,I want to buy a 16GB pendrive.I checked some features of pendrives by online and seen Strontium 16GB JET USB 3.0 Flash Drive Rs.565 and some sony and HP 16GB pendrive around Rs.600.I think strontium USB 3.0 have lowest prize Rs.565 by online purchase. please suggest me some good pendrive and...
  6. sam9953

    1 GB DDR1 Strontium RAM (2 Sticks)

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Hi I am selling my 1 GB DDR1 Strontium RAM and there are two sticks so this makes it 2 GB in total Expected Price: Product sold Time of Purchase: 2006 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: NO Reason for Sale: Don't need this...
  7. sanoob.tv

    How good is Strontium sd cards.

    i was planning to buy a class 4 micro sd card(sandisk)near .5k but i came across strontium class 10 16 gb micro sd card on ebay for .66k. class 10 means minimum write speed 10 mB/s rit?? have any one used one or tested one b4.thnx. n im buying it for my asus transformer prime.
  8. L

    Strontium Class 10 SD card fake?

    I just got delivery of Strontium's class 10 SD card i ordered on infibeam. First thing i did after putting it in my phone was format it and transfer files from my pc to it. The write speed was an embarassing 4Mb/s (or 5 at max). Then i formatted it in my phone again and ran some sd speed test...
  9. R

    DDR2 2 GB 667Mhz Ram- Strontium

    Model: Strontium 2 GB DDR2 PC 667 Mhz Date of Purchase: July, 2010 (Bill Misplaced) Warranty: Lifetime, no bill required. They check by serial no of the ram. Expected Price: Rs 500 Reason for sale: Upgrade to DDR3 Location of seller: Kolkata Mode of payment: cash. Wish to...
  10. bssunilreddy

    What is the price and availability of Strontium SSD's(128GB) in India?

    Hi guys, I called the national distributors and as well as several regional distributors also but I cannot get any prices and they are saying its "out of stock".please help me.I am from Hyderabad.I need to buy the swift series SSD's of Strontium. Here's the link for the...
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