1. Detailer

    Splinter cell black list : Video card not supported

    I installed splinter cell black list yesterday , when i launch the game a system validating wizard opens and it says video card (amd r7 240 gddr5 ) not supported and has two options : continue or quit.When i click on the continue button a black screen appears and it seems as the game has freezed...
  2. gyanbhartip

    Splinter Cell Conviction problem

    Hey guyz, Please help me. Splinter Cell conviction is not running in my pc. When I double click conviction_game.exe I get the following error(in the attachment). [ Image Removed Due To Piracy related content ] Please help.
  3. chandan3

    Splinter Cell: Conviction install problem

    Splinter Cell: Conviction installed bt, the error shows games has stoped working.cheak for online solution.ple help me guys
  4. Alok

    Splinter Cell Blacklist

    Be prepare to sneak folks ! :-D new splinter cell adventure coming spring 2013. Game will feature single player , co-op and spies vs mercenary modes. Mark and Execute retains from conviction. Wait for e3 for more info....:-| YuhfD48VRGE
  5. atin

    4 Xbox360 games [PAL]

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Call of duty MW, Crysis 2, Splinter cell conviction, Batman Arkham Asylum Expected Price: Rs 600 for COD and Splinter Cell , 1000 for Crysis 2 and Batman Time of Purchase: 4-5 Months back Indian warranty...
  6. atin

    XBox 360 PAL Used Games

    For Sale ! * Product Name: Crysis 2 and Splinter cell conviction * Expected Price: Rs 1200 for Crysis 2 , 800 for Splinter Cell Conviction * Time of Purchase: 2-3 months back * Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No * Reason for Sale: Want money...
  7. M

    splinter cell not working

    today i tried an old game cd that has the splinter cell chaos theory demo and i tried to install it on my pc.the installation went well but when i tried to play it it didnt work.then i again installed it on my brothers laptop and it ran well.i installed the game a few months back but that time...
  8. gameranand

    Splinter Cell series

    I recently started playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory(again) and damn its a damn good game in terms of stealth. Well I played conviction but didn't liked it much because of its stealth mechanics its more of a action oriented stealth game rather than pure stealth game. I mean I like to complete...
  9. quan chi

    can we run splinter cell chaos theory using 3d analyzer.

    hello friends.well can we run splinter cell chaos theory using 3d analyzer on intel onboard gfx. well i have intel onboard 915gma. and is there any game of tom clancy's that can be played on onboard gfx.:x

    No new Splinter Cell for PS3? 360 and PC only??

    The latest issue of Finnish video games magazine Pelaaja has revealed the next installment in the Splinter Cell series. Conviction will be developed by Ubisoft Montreal and it will be released exclusively on PC and Xbox 360. This is the first time that Ubisoft uses the name after it filed...
  11. quan chi

    please help me regarding graphix cards.

    friends please help me. though i am not that much hard core gammer but i like to play some light games.well i recently have brought splinter cell chaos theory but the game doesnt start it says your graphix card does not support shader model 1.1. well i need a graphix card that has 256mb...
  12. W

    EA or Ubisoft

    EA or Electronic Arts, f*cked up many games like the Harry Potter series, Godfather, Need For Speed, etc. IMHO, they can do only one thing, SPORTS nothing else. Ubisoft has always impressed me with the Prince of Persia, Brothers in Arms, CSI, FarCry, Splinter Cell, etc.. I better watch an...
  13. maharajadhiraj

    Will WWE Afterburn or any other N-Gage games run in 6630??

    Hey guyz I just got some N-Gage games like WWE Afterburn, Splinter Cell etc. Splinter Cell is working fine but WWE Afterburn is a 11.1 MB file. Will 6630 support it??
  14. S

    Splinter Cell problem,please help?

    I installed Splinter cell 1,which i got free when I bought my zenith PC.But the game doesn't run.When I click on 'Play splinter cell' I get 'critical error' window saying : general protection fault. I have a hunch that it isn't running bcoz my onbrd grafix does not support the game.I have...
  15. C

    Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Double Agent Preview

    Sam Fisher is back, and this time he's on next generation consoles. You've read the pre-hype, now prepare for the real hype. 2/6/2006 2:08:23 PM - The Tom Clancy-produced Splinter Cell games have always been top-of-the-line in terms of high-tech toys, high-tension espionage, and totally...
  16. R

    problem with splinter cell 1

    hey guyz i m having problem running the game splinter cell 1. when i start the game although i dont get any error msg but instead the black screen comes and my computer hangs.even task manager fails to open. my system configurations ...
  17. T

    Cannot play Splinter cell: Pandora tomorrow. Please help

    Dear friends :oops: I am really in a trouble as the game Splinter cell: Pandora Tomorrow crashes to the desktop without showing any error message every time I try to play the game. It always happens exactly when the loading bar status is complete. I have Directx 9.0C loaded and my system...
  18. P

    Stealth Action Re-redefined(Credits added)

    First Encounter: Stealth Action Re-redefined The company behind Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time™, Beyond Good & Evil, and Tom Clancy’s … well, everything, continues to turn out brilliant games a breakneck speed. And, they’re not content to rest on the deserved laurels of 2003...
  19. Sourabh

    SCREEN SHOT Comparisons: PC, XBOX, PS2, GameCube and more!

    SCREEN SHOT Comparisons: PC, XBOX, PS2, GameCube and more! Doom 3 PC screenshots *www.gameinfowire.com/image.asp?iid=7769&gid=229&pg=&pid=6 *www.gameinfowire.com/image.asp?iid=5633&gid=229&pg=&pid=6 *www.gameinfowire.com/image.asp?iid=5634&gid=229&pg=&pid=6...
  20. A

    Unreleased Games You are Excited About

    Which games' release are you most looking forward to? Here's my list: Advent Rising (Xbox) Doom 3 (Xbox) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory One (N-Gage) Jade Empire (Xbox)
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