1. S

    Why do some music videos have the audio in increased tempo & pitch from original soundtrack?

    I have noticed this when watching movies VCD as well. But in DVDs usually the tempo & pitch are same as original soundtrack
  2. Sujeet

    Video Game Soundtracks!!!

    Please Provide with a nifty and lovable list best videogame soundtracks :Singles only.PLease specify which song belong to which game and they should be mostly BE alternative rock !! I am looking for decent rock song which i can identify with games! No links please !!! Only Text!!:oops: This is...
  3. R

    How to download Game Soundtracks

    Anyone knows how to download game soundtracks. I tried Free MP3 downloads - Free Video Game OST - Game Soundtracks for download but there are very less no of games there
  4. N

    Is there anyone who cannot cry to this one?

    4rjHINekHIQ Play that and go here. [A MUST] This deserves a new thread. Period. And, if there are any more of such makes-you-feel-ultra-sad soundtracks, please do post 'em.
  5. blackpearl

    Download game soundtracks

    The following site has a large collection of original soundtracks of games. Games ranging from Pacman to Call of Duty, you will find them all. Certainly worth a bookmark. * :)
  6. Fighter

    DVD problem

    I have few movies on DVDs. Each DVD is of 7.29GB. I want to fit this one DVD into a standard 4.7GB DVD. I have tried NERO Recode, it gives me the option of editing the soundtracks, subtitles. I have tried to leave out the 5.1 channel soundtracks which takes most of the space, then there are...
  7. rockthegod

    Regarding NFSUG2 Soundtracks...

    nebody kno the procedure of importing tracks (soundtracks) into NFSUG2 replacing the default ones ???? (compared 2 the songs in old NFSUG, the tracks in UG2 suck !!!) ... it was easy with UG1 ...but with UG 2 thr seems 2 be no fast n easy tweaking tools available...if nebody knows..plzzzzz post...
  8. I

    Are Game Soundtracks worth listening to?

    Well as the gaming industry is progressing & trying to be professionals in evry area -> the sound department of the games is also developing Orchestras are being conducted for games and Music industries are booming. Its even opened up a new career: MUSIC DESIGNER for games So is the music...
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