1. A

    Problem with Soundmax Audio Driver

    Hello guys, First of all,I would like to thank you for all the brilliant solutions you always provide to the technical problems we face. I hope you’ll be able to solve mine. I have XP(SP2) and Windows 7 Ultimate on my PC. My PC has ADI Soundmax drivers for the onboard Sound Card on...
  2. Ray

    SoundMax problem

    Hi, I have asus p5b mbo with soundmax hd audio xp the soundmax driver allows to change the acoustic environment. (auditorium,concert hall etc) in vista and windows 7 i cannot find that can i enable the environments.:cry: i have tried installing latest...
  3. heartripple

    sound drivers installed but no sound from soundmax

    1 of my friend was suffering frm brontok virus and many others trojans,spyware.because of that his pc got slow down we tried so many antivirus softwares but his problem was not we decided to reinstall windows xp sp 2.when we finished the installation of sounmax drivers and restarted pc...
  4. Fighter

    TV tuner problems

    I have recently bought a Pinnacle 50i internel TV tuner card. I have connected the tuner's audio out to the motherboard's aux-in with the help of the supplied audio connector cable. I have Soundmax onboard audio where I have connected my speakers. The problem is that after few minutes of...
  5. B

    issues with 7.1 surround and SoundMax

    my config is C2D @ 2.4 Ghz on a Asus P5B Dlx. I have some issues with sound .I use the onboard 7.1 soundcard and the SoundMax app with Creative 7.1 speakers. While playback of movies in Power DVD , i find that i am able to hear background sounds and music,but the actual vocals are muted...
  6. iMav

    soundmax vista drivers

    does any1 have the Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio drivers for vista ... cant find them on the net i have an onboard soundcard i tried the xp drivers but they gave me bsods when i used messengers searched the net but found nothing
  7. rakee

    Soundmax not started-Error code 10-Vista

    I am sorry if this is to go to Hardware TS Installed Vista-no issues-it installed all drivers EXCEPT THE SOUND DEVICE-No sound device found on device-device manager with windows update installed some Proview audio device-not working-manually installed soundmax-it installed and was...
  8. T

    No SoundMAX Audio Present.

    The following problem occurs very often (but not always) when the PC is booted up. The SoundMAX icon in the taskbar is crossed-out (in red) and the tooltip mentions - " No SoundMAX Audio Present. You cannot use SoundMAX Control Panel". The SoundMAX Control Panel does not open up...
  9. C

    help: soundmax drivers for RHlinux 9.0

    hi, i have installed redhat linux 9.0 on my system, my audio is analog devices soundmax and i am unable to find any drivers for my device could someone help me out by giving me a link to the download thanks in advance -Anirudh
  10. A

    a strange development

    i tried to uninstall both sound and video drivers and install video driver first and then sound driver (it is soundmax driver) but the problem remains... However i SAW one change, when i uninstall Sound driver only and play any video file, it PLAYS normal RATE though without sound, but the...
  11. S

    HELP NEEDED!! Sony D8 tape to VCD converter

    i have a sony D8 handycam with USB connectivity option. but recently i tried to convert my tape (format - digital8 in SP mode) to VCD using the Sony's Picture Package software. i had the following problems : a) it was very slow, it was showing remaining time 3 Hrs. to convert 60 mins. of...
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