1. root.king


    Now this is innovation, folks. Sony's reportedly gearing up to announce a pair of "lens cameras" that attach to your existing smartphone or tablet. The unique devices are said to feature a sensor, processor, zoom lens, WiFi connectivity and an SD card slot, but no display or other typical...
  2. kbar1

    42 in. non-3D HDTV for 55k

    40/42 in. non-3D HDTV for 60k Hi all. Looking to buy a 40/42" full HD, non-3D TV for about 60k. Visited a few showrooms in the vicinity and the best deal I got was a LG 42" LED-backlit LCD for 52k. Sony's products were a bit on the astronomical side compared to LG.. :-? For example, LG 47"...
  3. H

    Sony considers splitting the company after proposed IPO

    Sony considers splitting the company after proposed IPO | Joystiq :facepalm: They'll kill the company looking for a short term profit.
  4. rider

    Sony's stacked Exmor RS phone camera sensors detuned over quality worries

    Sony would still like you to get excited about its upcoming Exmor RS stacked CMOS image sensors -- just not too excited. Both the 8-megapixel IMX134 and 13-megapixel IMX135 are scaling back from their original RGBW (red, green, blue, white) coding to an ordinary RGB over concerns that they...
  5. V

    Sony's 'Pearl Habour' attack devasted USAF!!

    Sony's 'Pearl Harbour' attack devasted USAF!! Hello, News about Sony's little known update caused to removal of 'Other Os' features(Read Linux) reported elswhere inthis forum, now becoming boomorong on Sony's Head Quater's war room as they unintentionaaly created another 'Pearl Habour'...
  6. RCuber

    Sony makes it pretty clear: no PS3 price drops this holiday season

  7. S

    SONY optical drives support help needed

    i have sony's dvd writer dw-g120a bought 2-3 years back and it works perfectly well i wanted to know if the dvd-region restrictions can be removed as i read somewhere on net that it can be done (i have used the 3-4changes allowed) also, i was wondering why there is no official website of...
  8. Voldy

    Sony's 25 megapixel Alpha A900

    Sony's 25 megapixel Alpha A900 to arrive in August or September We already spent some time grappling with Sony's monster full-frame Alpha A900 prototype at PMA, but the company's displaying an updated version at the Photo Imaging Expo in Japan, and reps are apparently now saying that the...
  9. desiibond

    Sony's game division finally turns a profit -- sells 4.9M PS3s in Q3

    Source: Engadget After bleeding red for months, Sony's games division finally turned a profit last quarter. Sony sold 4.9 million PS3s last quarter after slashing console prices, boosting game titles, and cutting production costs internally. Of course, we're sure Wii shortages aren't hurting...
  10. Pathik

    Sony announces Video Walkman

    Eighteen months after the release of Apple’s iPod video, Sony strikes back with its first digital video product: the NW-A800 series Walkman will hit Europe in April. Releases to other markets are expected, but timing is currently unknown. For Europe, there are three models: the NW-A805 (2GB)...
  11. dd_wingrider

    Sony's 2007 Cybershot lineup

    That's right, this link has got -- catalog shots for Sony's 2007 Cybershot line-up of digital cameras. * Cheers:)
  12. A

    DVD writer - which to buy?

    I plan to buy a DVD writer. Which one should i go in for? Is sony's 18X DRU830A fine?
  13. S

    First look at PlayStation 3 chip

    Some details of the chip inside Sony's PlayStation 3 have been revealed. source : *
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