1. G

    Notes from a thulla

    P.S. Thulla is the term used by Kejriwal and AAP for police. Article is by Abhinav Kumar, a serving IPS officer.
  2. H

    Not just Congress, media also corrupt: Kapil Sibal

    Not just Congress, media also corrupt: Kapil Sibal - The Times of India
  3. ico

    the lack of intellect

    what defines intellect? what defines the intellect of a society and a nation? where does india stand? what/how is the thought process of most indians? are the indian "intellectuals" being able to influence the society? if not, then why not? if yes, then is it enough?
  4. G

    India's highest deal for a flat: Rs 1.11 lakh/sq ft

    India's highest deal for a flat: Rs 1.11 lakh/sq ft - The Times of India
  5. MatchBoxx

    Short-term Multimedia Courses in Kolkata

    Hi, i want to learn "Adobe photoshop, illustrator, flash, dream weaver, director, sound forge, coreldraw, 3D Max" etc. Advice me of good institutes in Kolkata please. DOEACC Society [] (Kolkata Centre) offers these for 15k. Duration is 6 months (3days/week). Any...
  6. montsa007

    [URGENT]Software to do Society Accounting?

    Can anyone recommend a 'good' software to do complete society accounting? Its ok if its a paid software, my concern is that it needs to be reliable. Thanks.
  7. ajooba215

    anyone from New Delhi???....pls help

    hi everyone....i need ur help..especially people from New Delhi area....i need to find out about any institution. I am thinking of doing my bachelors from there through distance scheme but wanto assure about it and its reputation. The name of the institute is Education Institute for Management...
  8. dreamcatcher

    Official: Men are the weaker sex.

    Ahh, finally something for the girls to cheer about. :lol:
  9. naveen_reloaded

    NEWS CHANNELS - Whats Your Take ??

    hi all.. today we all know that there are thosands of news channel ... whts ur take??? do they save our society?? or deem them???
  10. Yamaraj

    Test your "High Society" IQ

    This test is designed and conducted online by the "International High IQ Society". To qualify for their membership, you must score 124 or more. My score: - I refused their snobby "High Society" membership, though. What a load of classy crap! Anyway, tests are good and scores are...
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