1. G

    Making of Snow Lion

    Hi, to start with this is all about a new build... and am starting this right from the scratch how things really took shape.. The basic idea started with the ASUS Sabertooth Mark S, the arctic camo themed motherboard that they released a few months back. I had a few Sabertooth motherboards...
  2. amjath

    Help finding Ozone Attack Snow headset

    Hi, Help me finding this Attack Snow [snow - white model] on any reliable source in India. I could not find it on flipkart. I ordered it on then the product is cancelled due to no stock so please help.
  3. Ayuclack

    New Mouse, Mousepad and Headset

    Need A new mouse with programable buttons for fps games so i decided the logitech g300 Also for pad ozone ground level s For headset ozone attack snow Is this ok my budget is around 3.5 k
  4. Ayuclack

    Mac OS X Lion And Snow Leopard On A PC

    HardWare Core i5 2500K||MSI Z68A GD 65 B3||GSkills Ripjaw 4GB XL||Segate Baraguda 1TB X2 ||Sony 24x DVD||Cooler Master Elite 430||Corsair CX600 V2||Dell IN2020||Logitech MK200||Geforce 9600 GT 1GB Snow Leopard OS X Lion
  5. gdebojyoti

    Laptop suitable for Mac OS X installation

    I have an HP Pavilion dv6-6119tx laptop. Its configuration is as follows: Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3GHz 4 GB DDR3 RAM 640 GB SATA HDD AMD Radeon HD 6490M (1 GB GDDR5) Intel HM65 Chipset Please tell me whether Snow Leopard and Lion are supported on this laptop. P.S. I am planning to...
  6. S

    Mac Snow Leopard installation

    My system configuration is :- Intel E5200 2.60 GHz Biostar G31D-M7 2 GB Ram 320 GB HDD I have been trying to install Mac Snow Leopard but after pressing key to boot from cd, system restarts. Presently running windows 7 ultimate 64bit for past 6 months or so with no problems at all...
  7. Rockstar11

    'Dead alien' found in Siberian snow

    It may just be an elaborate hoax, but a video has surfaced showing the body of an alien found dead in snow in Siberia. Check Video Here.. 'Dead alien' found in Siberian snow - Yahoo! News The slender, badly damaged corpse was found lying on a bed of snow with its head to one side and...
  8. P

    Mac os x snow leopard installation hel

    hi!! i m using HCL ME L74 laptop with configuration- 3 gb ddr3 ram, 250 gb HDD, INTEL pentium p6100 processor(2.4 ghz). i m using windows 7(64 bit) sp1. i want to install MAC OSX snow leopard along with windows 7 (dual-boot). please help me with the instructions of installation.
  9. soumya

    Windows 7 Kills Snow Leopard and Eats It

    OK people, it's over. Clearly, Windows 7 will kill and eat Snow Leopard. Apparently, people don't give a damn about the kitten, but are drooling over Steve B's beast. At least, that's what Google Trends says: Of course, while Snow Leopard's new core features were revealed during last...
  10. soumya

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) Due in 1st Quarter of 2009?

    Apple's Director of Engineering of Unix Technologies Jordan Hubbard spoke at LISA '08 last week. LISA (or Large Installation System Administration Conference) is a technical conference targeted at engineers and system administrators. This year's conference invited Apple's Jordan Hubbard to speak...
  11. aryayush

    Apple Previews Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Developers

    Apple Previews Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Developers SAN FRANCISCO—June 9, 2008—Apple® today previewed Mac OS® X Snow Leopard, which builds on the incredible success of OS X Leopard and is the next major version of the world’s most advanced operating system. Rather than focusing primarily...
  12. faraaz

    Tweaking Beryl Extras

    Okay, I have a small problem. I was fiddling around with Beryl the other day on my brand new Sabayon install, and found those Snow effects and what not. I thought "Meh...big deal"...but then I saw this video where the guy was getting that Matrix code to scroll down...and I KNOW he's doing it...
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