1. patkim

    Any software to compare pre & post install snapshots of directories?

    I need to make a specific directory comparison of the same root directory say C:\Program Files before & after a specific program installation. Is there any such software available to do comparison like this? I.e. software should take a first snapshot of a root directory, then I install my...
  2. bssunilreddy

    Is my SSD running good?

    Hi, Is my SSD running good or should I have to replace it now or in the near future. I am attaching a snapshot of SSDLife for any further suggestions. Comments anyone....
  3. A

    unwanted download

    hi. When I use internet, idm automatically shows to download the following file. C:\Users\Amrutansu\Downloads\st_8 from...
  4. H

    VMware WorkStation ACE Edition version 6.0.0

    I have installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on VMware. I am getting the following problem when i try to start the Virtual machine "Cannot open the disk 'C:\Users\HOshang varshNEY\Desktop\rhel4\Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. Reason: Insufficient...
  5. S

    Opera releases new snapshot of 10 Alpha

    Opera has released a new snapshot of 10 Alpha. This has given me the opportunity to see its latest feature of (incremental) Auto-update... It seems nice... First, it informed that the new version was available and gave options to automatically download all updates in future... Once the...
  6. aytus

    Enabling DHCP in my router

    hi guys i need help in enabling DHCP on my router .. im using bsnl broadband.. router is wa3002g4 and recently when i connected it to my ethernet card .. it was saying accquiring network address and showing connection with lil or no connectivity.. now i hav mannually assigned ip to my pc .. and...
  7. Indyan

    Opera gets a makeover

    Opera gets a new skin. The old skin was beeing used since v7. More detaila and download link to the latest weekly snapshot here.
  8. R

    need help

    hello guys, i need your help i am not able to view the open or autoplay tab when i right click my cd writer.I am attaching a snapshot of this problem with this.Can anybody help me.this thing works fine on my DVD writer.Please help
  9. R

    generic host win32 process services

    hi to all, i have a lenovo y500 laptop with winxp sp2 and server 2003 as dual boot. the problem is that whenever i start browsing internet this error pop up randomly (i.e. no definite tine may be 2 min or 2 hr) and once i respond it hangs my conn even i cannot disconnect. i am posting the...
  10. I

    ADSL Bandwidth

    Deall All, I have Small query. I have opted for a DSL Line from Tata Indiacom. How do I Confirm Babdwidh? --- 128/256/512 Etc??? Currently I am paying for 512 but i strongly suspect it is not 512. How do i check if it is 512 Line. (Other than Online speed testing tool) Max Download Speed I...
  11. eddie

    First Development Snapshot of KDE4: "Krash"
  12. N

    Company Information

    I want to know how the information is placed under the logo of Microsoft in the 'General' tab within 'System Properties'. I have placed a snapshot (14 kb) of it: I want to know the way of writing information as is written in the...
  13. N

    Windows Quick INSTALL CD??????

    my frn has a win98 cd that only copies the files to hard disk with all the drivers for his computer.. it takes less than 5 minutes to complete... he said that he used a software to make that cd which only takes the snapshot of windows hard drive.. so its very easy and fast to install win98 on...
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