1. K

    Any iPhone 4S Buyers here, as of now !

    Any iPhone buyers, people who have already bought the iPhone 4S pls post your feedback. More Interestingly after you have used SiRi Extensively :mrgreen: I am like dying to find out how siri performs with Indian or maybe Neutral Accent ! :oops:
  2. R

    iris - siri for android

    Iris, a Siri lookalike, was put together in just eight hours and is now available in the Android App store. It raises a lot of questions, only some of which as easy to answer. Siri, the natural languages understanding app that answers your questions, is supposed to be the advantage that...
  3. the.kaushik

    All About IPhone 4S Siri- Is it copied from Android?

    Found this nice article and thought of sharing. Apple announced speech recognition for the next iPhone. Big deal. Android’s had it for more than a year. Apple is just playing “catch-up” and the feature’s not really earth-shattering anyway. Right? Wrong. Everything in that opening paragraph...
  4. O

    # Siri Works ONLY with iPhone 4S!

    Its really bad,.........if you have 4S,then only Siri will work Will Jailbreak bring Siri to iphone 4 & 3GS is a million-dollar query! "Siri is crazy. Being able to talk to your phone like a real person is the stuff of Sci-Fi. Here's the catch: You won't be able to use it unless...
  5. O

    # Quick Look at NEW iPhone 4S - Don't Miss!

    At last.......its only new wine in OLD bottle! iPhone 4S Look-wise similar to iPhone 4 (same 3.5" retina display,front & back glass with metal rim), A5 dual core proxy-faster, Better antenna design 8MP cam (advanced lens system) 3264 x 2448 + 1080p HD video recording...
  6. NewsBytes

    Siri Offers iPhone Users Assistance via Voice [free download]

      Claimed to be "speech recognition with a brain", Siri enables your iPhone to organise your social life – collaborating with various sites to let book restaurant tables (OpenTable), movie tickets (MovieTickets), events (StubHub), and taxis (TaxiMagic), as well as get reviews of the...
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