1. santu_29

    ...unix simulator...? help

    is it possible to practice unix commands on windows without actually installing unix/linux, by using something like a simulator? are there any good unix simulators available?
  2. G

    Recommend a Gamepad/Joystick

    Hi, I want to buy a good gamepad/ Joy stick to play MS flight simulator 2004, NFS and FIFA 2006. My budget is 1K. Thanks
  3. shaunak

    MIcrosoft anounces flight simulator x

    Source New flight simulator to be out this holiday season and will serve as a benchmark for visual quality for games in ms Vista according to the MS website.
  4. V

    Flight simulator kind of games ??

    Hey guys, Did you ever notice the lack of any new flight simulator games in recent times. Few years ago we had "Raptor f-22" (name may not be correct) kind of games in the market. But since then the number of such games have drastically come down. What may be the reason. Is the gameplay...
  5. T

    Simulator & Emulator

    What is the difference b/w a simulator & an emulator?
  6. K

    Flight Sim Screenshots

    Hi all, This is a spillover from another thread on this forum. Made a seperate post for better visibility. Just took the Spitfire up for a spin over Gatwick, London. Here are a few cool shots. Simulator - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 COF (FS9) Featured Addons - Plane -...
  7. R

    www.what's the

    Please tell me the following site's addresses GTA off site Colin mcrae rally off site flight simulator 02 AOE 2 Midtown madness 2 Monster truck madness Max payne
  8. F

    8085 uP Simulator Needed !!!

    I need an 8085 uP Simulator...... .....not the one by Vaneet Singla.....anyother plz...
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