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  1. S

    Damn Silly Bug in LA Noire game install

    So i recently purchased the retail version of LA Noire game.i was so excited to play it.i installed the game and started the game.The loading screen comes up and few seconds later vanishes.Again double clicked the icon,same thing happens.then i thought may be its an graphics card problem as it...
  2. R

    Motherboard query

    Well this is the hardware Q & A section, so posting this. I had this question in mind for some time now, but never posted it cos it may be very silly, anyways, here it is: Why do motherboards have so many capacitors ? How are they useful?
  3. Psychosocial

    Help needed fast... (silly questions)

    lolz guys, what do you call Introduction, Conclusion and Bibliography in Hindi ? I have to make a silly project in Hindi and dunno this basic stuff... help plz !!!1111!!11`
  4. Power_user_EX

    Tell us about ur mobo & procyy

    Ur fav mobo maker & y ? Also Tell us about ur mobo & procyy For the above poll - ignore AMD - i know AMD doesn't manufacture mobos. Its a silly mistake! nyways... I'm having p5q deluxe and q6600 - G0 @ 3.2Ghz.
  5. shift

    1 silly question

    ok... i got 1 silly question here how is a website run? if the site is runnd from 1 system, can we do it from our system too?
  6. abhinandh

    HP 3550 printer power adaptor cost??

    can anybody give me the cost of a hp deskjet 3550 power adaptor cost?? by the way just another silly queation,where do i buy a soldering iron??
  7. kerthivasan

    What Is The Silliest Thing That U Did With Ur Computer In The Begning?

    HI GUYS. WE AL KNOW THAT WE ALL HAVE DID SOME THING OR OTHER SILLY with our computer when we first bought it or when we were first to see it. y not share it with us?
  8. V

    One Question Please :)

    I know that this is a silly question but can anyone tell me what is the difference between http://microsoft.com http://www.microsoft.com I am bit confused ??? Thank You
  9. Curious Guest

    Display problem???

    Recently my XP Home desktop has become 'jarky' as all icons shakes a lot following rt click & refresh. There was no shakes few days ago. May be a bit silly to ask but can anyone help me to restore original settings? Thanks.
  10. T

    Silly problem in FC5

    Silly problem in FC5,MP3 play back I installed FC5 today. I have a rather silly problem to start with. Some softwares/windows are so large that they do not fit in the screen vertically, and its very difficult to see the OK/CANCEL/APPLY option buttons at the bottom of the window. For the records...
  11. royal

    silly question about SE K700i

    hey frnds, I know this sounds silly but how do I turn off the sound when a pic is snapped with the camera? :oops:
  12. iinfi

    when i PM some one in this forum ...

    when i PM some one in this forum ... the message gets thru sometimes ... and at other times it just sits in the Outbox ..... why so? even after 6-7 hours it is still in the outbox and not landed in the sentBox ... why so? i know this is a silly question ... u can lock this thread after i get...
  13. M

    What about OS?????

    I dont understand,, well i really have a doubt,, while giving confg. everybody just suggests components. i wonder what about OS?? why dont they count OS & its price?? i really have this doubt.. If i dont buy OS where 2 get it from? plz help me though it seems 2 b a silly question[/code]
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