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  1. T

    Buy samsung Galaxy SII now?Read below

    I want to purchase android smartphone at a budget of max 22000 and i have shortlisted Samsung Galaxy SII.I want following spec for my phone- 1GB RAM. Good battery Life with Removable battery. 4 or 4.3 incg screen Super amoled screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. Android version is a big...
  2. A

    Galaxy SII display crashed. Need Help

    Hi, My Samsung galaxy SII I9100G screen got crashed. I just called the service center in Chennai and they said it cost 6700 bucks to replace it. I would like to know whether i can get it cheaper and genuine screen other than the Samsung authorized service center in Chennai. I thought like they...
  3. D

    S2 vs. Grand Vs. One S

    I was thinking of buying SII or One S but due to out-dated processor of ONE S(for indians), it is kinda removed from my list. And today Samsung launched Grand with a whooping 5 inch screen but its has a WVGA capacitive touch screen So which one will be better- SII, One S, Samsung...
  4. Soumik

    [Suggestions required] Best walkaround headphones

    Hi, I am looking for a nice pair of walk around headphones. Something i had have on my head while walking around or traveling in trains. I have MEE M6P for my SII phone i use when am outside. Though initially i was satisfied with it, after listening to the same songs on my laptop with the...
  5. ax3

    Iphone or Galaxy SII ! ! !

    i wanna buy any 1 of these phones, Iphone 4s or Galaxy SII .... bt confused which 1 to go for, plz do guide me with pros & cons ??? thanx
  6. A

    help choose a mobile please

    hi there.. Im new here.. I hope you guys can advise me.. I have a nokia 5800... ^.^ yess... old mobile...but I could afford it then and has lasted quite well till now... Now i have saved up enough to get another .. Im confused between the Samsung Galaxy SII (totally love it) or the LG...
  7. S

    Digit devWorks Hero contest- Participate now and win Samsung Galaxy SII

    Digit brings you a chance to prove your expertise in developerWorks Platform. Take the devWorks Hero Contest by completing three simple steps and win a brand new Samsung Galaxy SII mobile. Other exciting prizes like T-shirts, Scribble pads, Sheaffer Pens, Caps and many more. Participate here!
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