1. C

    How to avoid bond signing after interview?

    frnds tell me how can i avoid signing the bond after the interview what should i say to employer so i get the job without signing a bond?
  2. 047

    Unable to sign in any messenger in Vista. Help plz!!

    Hi i m having a problem with messengers' signing in. I m using Compaq presario laptop having vista home premium installed. Whenever i try to install Y!msenger 8 and 9 version it simply denies its installation and shows incompalible with vista. I also tried Y!msngr vista version, it installed...
  3. icebags

    Anyone planning to try out Tales Runner ?

    Tales runner english version finally getting released 16/10 (thats today - our time :p). i wonder if any of u guys were waiting for it like me. its a foot racing mmo type game with lots of competition. tell me if any of u signing up :D , as i will b there waiting for u. heres the site for...
  4. J

    plz help me

    hello folks I have a problem here. I wanted to log on to my PC with a password but even when I log on with an administrator account it doesnt give me the option of signing in with a password. But when I hibernate and then restart my PC the potion of signing in with a password is on. Kindly help...
  5. D

    Digital signing your outgoing emails

    I use Windows Live mail email Client, has anybody tried Digital signing all outgoing emails. See this Link. Commodo is giving the Digital ID free of cost, Though I am not able to add the License to My PC. Thanks,
  6. dashang

    Looking for data entry job

    guys i am looking for part time data entry job. I have searched for jobs using google but all are asking money for signing. But i dont want to pay, i need free signing job
  7. M

    xpango help

    hi guys few days ago my friend came across this site which claims of giving free gifts on signing up is it true or a spam?pls reply thanks :-)
  8. godsownman

    Gmail Opening - Updated with a solution

    Greetings, Of late opening my Gmail account using either of the two browsers has become a nightmare.( Firefox and Opera ) It takes close to 1min and 30 seconds for the inbox page to come after signing in. Whereas when I tried the same in IE it took less than 10 seconds at the same...
  9. R

    paypal hekp needed

    I have a acoount both in uti bank and icici bank and have both of the debit cards can i sign up for paypal using them? if not what r the other ways of signing up rather than credit card?
  10. M

    Search for lost files on the internet .....

    I am looking for a file on the internet which was once exclusively downloadable on a paticular site. Is there a way to search for that file anywhere else on the internet. megacoolxs signing off .....
  11. M

    Shared documents ?!!?!? .....

    I am the only user on my computer. How the hell do I remove the All Users / Default folder and the Shared Documents folder in Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2. I know it's stupid but it's damn annoying to me. Hell ya ... I could go on but ... megacoolxs signing off .....
  12. H

    Want a Free Top Level Domain (.net, .com, .org etc... )

    all you need is to spend some time on a forum called Nxacto and post 600 posts .....there you will have a free domain in a day or two...... use my referal when signing up [edit=theraven] no references no profits no scams and get a 25 post bonus link:
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