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  1. quicky008

    Is it a good idea to use a motherboard without its backplate?

    I am contemplating buying a refurbished motherboard from ebay in order to replace an older motherboard on one of my computers.The seller mentioned that the motherboard is working just fine but he'll not be able to provide any accessories with the board including an I/O shield.Till date i have...
  2. P

    [Want to Buy] Nvidia Shield Pro Android TV

    Hi Guyz, I am coming back to India in September. I am going to purchase Nvidia Shield Pro Android Streaming Device. I checked that this model is not available in India, so if anyone wants it let me know. I could get one more. Thanks
  3. Harsh Pranami

    Is g2a.com legit?

    I'm thinking of purchasing fifa 15. They are offering it pretty cheap. Is it ok if I purchase it with g2a shield?
  4. H

    Questions related to nvidia shield, Xiaom under 10K phones etc.

    I have many question related to mobile world: 1. Recently released Modern Combat 5 supports which chipset as it cannot run on MTK6582. So, does it support MT6592 or Qualcomm MSM8228 Snapdragon. And how much RAM is required? 2. When will be Xiaomi Redmi Note will be available and will it be...
  5. Cyberghost

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with LTE revealed in certification

    NVIDIA launched the SHIELD gaming console last year. It also launched its Tegra Note tabletsmanufactured by several vendors last year. Now the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has been certified on Global Certification Forum or GCF. Last month it surfaced on the official NVIDIA Tegra Zone and also surfaced...
  6. B

    Hotspot shield error

    Hi Guys My LAN used to disconnect everytime I started HSS on my computer. I followed the instructions from here Hotspot Shield Problems Fixing: Hotspot Shield Disconnecting Internet After Installation (FIX). HSS worked fine, I logged in using the username and password and as soon as my...
  7. ratul

    [GIVEAWAY] Free six months Hotspot Shield Elite for first 50000 users from Download.com

    Starting June 25, the first 50,000 users can fight the Man and get the six-month subscription (normally priced at $19.99) for FREE, exclusively on Download.com. Hotspot Shield Elite will work on your PC, Mac, and iOS. This sweet giveaway will last until we run out of codes, so jump on it now...
  8. warfreak

    nVidia's Project SHIELD

    Portable Handheld PC Gaming | NVIDIA Project Shield Quadcore Cortex A15 running @ 1.9 Ghz and a "72" core Nvidia Tegra 4 GPU... :shock: Any daydream I had of getting a PSVita had been bludgeoned to death by this beast. Srry if this has already been posted here..
  9. paroh

    New avast program update 5.1.864

    New avast program update 5.1.864 The most notable improvements are: - boot-time scanner now available even in 64-bit Windows - big improvements in the Behavior Shield - improvements in the antirootkit engine - improvements in the cleaning module - stability/performance improvements in...
  10. Gaurav

    anyone using AOL Active Virus Shield

    I have been using this AOL active virus shield for quite some time now, but it only since last friday i am not able update the antivirus bases using the built in menu option "Update".... it give me the error 'incorrect signatures' anybody using the same AV ? are you able to update automatically?
  11. anandk

    AOL Drops Kaspersky

    AOL has dropped Kaspersky from its Anti Virus Shield ! The free AOL Anti Virus Shield will now no longer uses KAV as the engine. Instead it will now use McAfee !
  12. shyamno

    Active Virus Shield.....

    I am using active virus shield..when ever I start my computer and open the AV the first window shows some scaning..What is it ??Full system scan or what ???How can I stop that ?? Also If I select the AV security level to HIGH will it reduce my Internet speed..or increase the access time of...
  13. Thor

    Discussing Resetting of password..is it OK ?

    To the MODS... I wud like to know if it is OK with ya all if I discuss how to reset Passwords of Various Folder protection software like Lock Folder Xp, Universal Shield Here ? I hv recently been successful in finding and how to reset their passwords. Thx.
  14. J

    Sp2 shield icon on taskbar

    Hi all, I recently installed sp2 on my winxp machine.....a new shield like icon appears on the taskbar....how can I get rid of it. I've turned off its firefall and everything else.....but it still appears??? Thanks
  15. N


    Am using WinXP SP1 with Liteon 16X DVD ROM. Just cannot install Pro Evolution Soccer4Demo Ver2. After the whole thing is over I get a message "INSTALL SHIELD - 1628 Failed to complete installation." The Install Shield remains on the Taskbar. Is the DVD faulty or DVD Rom ? Any suggestions...
  16. C

    Install Shield *HELP*

    Hi buddies, I have some problem installing 3D home plan pro . The install shield donot go beyond the "configuring install shield" screen and when i try to terminate it using ctrl+alt+del it shows the [Not Responding] status. Please help.
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