1. Jaskanwar Singh

    Microsoft pact with Nvidia could result in future takeover

    Microsoft pact with Nvidia could result in future takeover - Yahoo! News Microsoft Sets Up Acquisition Deal With Nvidia
  2. marvelousprashant

    Microsoft to Possibly Acquire nVidia By Power of Agreement

    via pocketnow
  3. G

    Bose donates his company to MIT

    Dr. Amar Bose, founder of the company that bears his name, has given the majority of the stock of Bose Corporation to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The donation is in the form of non-voting shares. MIT will receive annual cash dividends on those shares when dividends are paid...
  4. S

    Oracle to buy Sun Microsystems

    Oracle Corp plans to enter the computer hardware market by buying Sun Microsystems Inc for more than $7 billion, swooping in after Sun's talks with IBM fell apart. The announcement on Monday surprised many Oracle watchers, who believed the company can boost profitability at Sun's software...
  5. veddotcom

    Relating to IP ADDRESS

    Hi Friends, I live here With my Room Mates, There are Two Computer Present Here and Both are connected Through LAN, We have an Internet Connection of a Particular ISP, Through which We Both Shares our Internet Connections, SO my Question is, Do we have Different IP address for both the System...
  6. raksrules

    [VERY URGENT] how to sell the spice comm shares thru ICICIDIRECT

    how to sell the spice comm shares thru ICICIDIRECT
  7. a_to_z123

    Where can I get Digit PDFs?

    Hi guys, I'm not a Digit subscriber... Tell me is there somewhere I can get Digit PDFs of old editions?? If not found online then will it be legal if someone shares them with others here in this forum by giving the links of the uploads?? Please clarify!!
  8. naveen_reloaded


    Hi all.. ;) Many users here have some kinda expirience in shares / mutual fund / investment/stocks etc... So here is the centralised thread where everyone can talk/share/discuss about the ongoing news/update in the world of shares... now is the time.. lets start ... from here ...
  9. Gigacore

    Bill Gates gets even more to smile about

    Microsoft shares reach their highest level in six years, recalling the tech boom of 2000. Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates grew $2.67-billion richer Friday after his company trounced analysts' estimates for sales and profit, propelling the shares to their highest level in six years...
  10. B

    generic host process for win32 service

    hello all can any one help me ? when ever i connect to my bsnl broadband in my office, after some time i get an error message "generic host process for win32 services encountered problem and need to close. ". After I hit close the broadband hangs. even i can't disconnect it. then i have...
  11. Manshahia

    purchasing shares?

    hi... i want to invest some money in shares.. can any one tell me the whole procedure..? wat will i hav to do for that? i m a student with no earning.. how can i get my PAN card?
  12. rakeshishere

    Google reveals exec salary deal

    Search engine giant Google only paid its three executives salaries of $1 (50p) in 2006, accounts show. But chief executive Eric Schmidt and co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin saw their combined Google shares worth $31.5bn by the end of the year. Mr Schmidt's "other compensation", was...
  13. E

    Google's Market Value Briefly Tops $100 Billion Wires Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005 SAN FRANCISCO -- Google Inc.'s market value briefly surpassed $100 billion for the first time Friday, its stock scaling new heights after an earnings and revenue spike that astonished investors. The online search leader's shares traded as high as...
  14. KoRn

    i need a site to view the annual rate of the shares

    i really need a site for you know viewing the rate of the shares of a paricular company.the site should have a graph on the shares per month and the annual graph of dat company.I NEED IT FOR MY MATHS PROJECT I TRIED GOOGLING BUT ITS USELESS.PLEASE HELP GUYS,GIVE BE A GOOD SITE(I PLAN TO DO THE...
  15. P

    accessing default shares...

    my pc is on LAN and I'm trying to access the default shares on an XP Pro box(c$,admin$,ipc$) from a Windows 2000 and xp box. I get a username/password dialog box, so I tried the administrator username and password, no go. I tried the other admin username and password, no go. I know accessing...
  16. K

    How To Disable Shares on XP

    I m on 2000 with an internet connection with a LAN. whenever I switch on my PC my shares get opened automatically. I have to close them manually but after restarting the shares appear again. what to do.
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