1. J

    mac outlook excel file attachments appear zipped and as seperate files in windows outlook..please he

    mac outlook excel file attachments appear zipped along with an html file and a number of seperate files in windows outlook
  2. lethalweaponforever

    Guitar FX Processor

    Does anybody know of a guitar FX software that i can use on my pc to add distortion and such effects. Do i need a seperate sound card for this...or can i run it with my onboard one
  3. B

    seperate music from audio songs!!!!!!??????

    guys r der any softwares by wich i can seperate da music n vocals (i.e singer's voice) frm audio songs ???????? i want only da music like in karaoke....
  4. yrana2002

    Installin on seperate partitions

    I have a 160 GB hard disk... on a 20 GB partition, i installed windows xp and i have decided to install all games on a seperate 60 GB logical partition.. The question im askin is... if by some reason, i have to format my primary partition and reinstall another copy of windows. will these games (...
  5. C

    Need the cheapest config possible

    My mom wants to learn pc and stuff.Just LEARN,nothing else.Coz I'm on this pc most of the time,she wants a seperate one to just learn.It should have all the parts (except g.card).So suggest a config within 15 k.
  6. sg1

    Default graphics card?

    I'm going to be increasing my desktop from dual monitor to triple screens next week and I know what I need to do hardware wise with the two seperate graphics cards , however.... If I wish to play a game on my pc- which graphics card will it use by default(they will be different cards) ?
  7. B

    Suggestion To Buy

    hi, i am going to buy one xbox/ps3 on 2008. iam also going to buy Monitor for my computer.. whether i should buy large monitor which can be used for console also or i should go in for seperate units.. if so which should be/ kindly help...
  8. M

    Vodafone opening its seperate service!!!

    Well i was looking to get a hutch plan and later convert it to corporate one but jus came to know via a frnd who went for hutch technical interview...he was offered a post in a seperate group...and according to them vodafone is going to start operating seperately........ The point is that...
  9. P

    Nvidia about to launch 8700gts models (G92 based)

    Source: * What to say, I was just going to get an 8600gt and now this thing ! It says, it will have a seperate hdmi and audio(spdif) connector on reference boards.......199$ predicted to be lowest price in its variants.
  10. A

    how do i seperate subtitles and movie ?

    lets say i download a movie but it has swedish subtitles (or whatever). is it possible to seperate them ? if yes, how ?
  11. BBThumbHealer

    Create A Seperate Fedora 7 DVD

    Hello Buddies, In this months issue , digit provided us the DVD containing Fedora 7 alongwid other softwares included in that DL-DVD.. now i wanna create a seperate Fedora 7 DVD n don't want to install it from the digit dvd.... so wat r the files n folders that i shud copy into other DVD..plz...
  12. Projjwal

    Seperate voice from song...???

    Is there any way to seperate voice from song...? I recently bulid a bandpass filter for mp3 songs . If the voice & music frequency range r different then it will split voice & music from song.. Pls help.........
  13. B

    I need to find out how to install xp on a seperate HD on my system

    I am trieing to install xp as a second OS on a seperate hd with vista as my primary OS. I cannot get it to install to a different HD. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  14. G

    Connecting PC speakers to CD/DVD player.

    Hi, I recently bought a DVD player(samsung DVD-P475 Model which supports 5.1 channel audio,has digital,coaxial and analog support). I am also planning to buy 5.1 channel PC speaker(Artis S6600 which has seperate amplifier/Logitech x-530 model).when I said about this to computer service...
  15. G

    voice seperation

    Is there any software which is used to seperate the music and the voice from the songs.. or how to seperate the music only from the songs? please help
  16. H


    What is a GSM modem? how do i use my cell phone as a GSM modem? or is that a seperate component?
  17. anurag_online

    P4 system for sale

    Pentuim4 ht 3.06GHZ, 1GbRAM, 80GB, SonyDVD Writer, Mcrosoft KB,Mouse, 17" CRT, Intel MotherBoard 945G. Minimum Rs.30000/- Only for sale in Chandigarh, Panchkula or Mohali. Seperate stuff can also be sold. Give away your price.
  18. N

    Wi-fi can i use UL 900 simultaneously??

    If i have BSNL DATAONE 900 UL PLUS PLAN With WiFi Modem can i use it simultaneously in both laptop as well as desktop in the same home for seperate internet usage.???i m asking this coz it is a single user license..
  19. J

    two monitors

    hi, does any one know if i can connect two monitors seperate to one cpu. if yes how. and what do i need please help. thanks
  20. Y

    fmradio tuner

    i want to listen fmradio using my pc. i have a tv tuner card but it does not contain fmradio. is there any seperate card available only for fmradio..???????
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