Question about HP laptop numbering system

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:confused: I just bought what is described as a HP Pavillion DV6910US. It says that it is that model on the service tag but it also states: "Product: HP Pavillion DV6700" on the same tag. This is a bit confusing to me because I was under the impression that they are two different machines, at least HP lists them separately on their website. Can someone a lot smarter than me about these things explain this to me please. Thank you.


If it wasn't obvious, dv6700 is series and the other one is the exact model. Manufacturers tinker around with specs of a laptop series and make it available in different SKU models (for retail market, different countries, other such reasons).

You may have noticed in countries like the U.S., HP offers Built To Order services where you can configure the laptop according to your needs online and then the unit is built. In that case, you'd say that dv6700 series was customized for your needs.

I hope that made sense. In most cases, model numbers (dv67XXtu) give hint to their parent series (dv6700) as the case may be for identification/troubleshooting. And obviously, same laptop models will share same specs to avoid confusion.
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