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  1. papul1993

    Check out this decentralized message sending application: Bitmessage

    Quoting their wiki, Website: http://bitmessage.org So run this app on your computer and send some messages. :) My Bitmessage ID is BM-opKynnnvggGGevjC1TGZEDHcoTGs7ax9S
  2. B

    How to get all font styles from system in c#.net?

    I am implementing a Font Dilouge Box application. I have created 3 listboxes font family,font style & font size & a text box to dispaly the formated text. I have done the coding to get all the font families & to apply them in the textbox in the following code: private void...
  3. B

    pageindex changed event in gridview

    How to handle the pageindexChanged in gridview in asp.net in the following code? protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { ob.conn(); gridview(); } public void gridview() { ob.grdv("select * from user_album where user_id='" +...
  4. ajayashish

    Getting payments in INDIA

    I am a freelance designer who have some clients in US. I used to get payment through Xoom or Paypal but recently there has been some problem with both of them. Paypal is not accepting payments for services offered and Xoom is not taking payments through paypal or creditcard on client side...
  5. M

    Help: Bulk Email Sender....

    Dear Friends, I have some 5,00,000 of email id for my website promotion i got it form my vendor. Now I want to send mails to these IDs can anyone suggest me any Bulk e mail sender I tried many but i could not figure it out the SMTP setting of the Yahoo. So please can any one has the idea of...
  6. S

    PayPal help

    Ive created a paypal account. How do I add funds to it? and if I request payment from someone (with email) by creditcard, Am I or the sender charged any amount? (apart from the % charged by the creditcard company?) is there any catch?
  7. S

    Spam email to bounce back to sender

    Can any one please tell me how to bounce email back to the sender am getting lot of porno mail from a particular sender. I use Gmail and thunderbird are there any freewares which can I download install on my PC Thanks will be grateful if any one can please help
  8. H

    example of Inserting and Retrieving data from xml file

    This is an example of Inserting and Retrieving data from xml file. http://www.hanusoftware.com private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { // Put user code to initialize the page here if(!IsPostBack) {...
  9. M

    anonymous sms

    if anyone know any website tht allows sending sms with a changeable sender id..!! that is i shall b able to specify the sender of the sms...when the desired person recieves the message...he/she shall see the number (which i have specified) as the sender's number..!! thnks in advance.! manan
  10. Rockstar11

    Send big files DIRECTLY from your PC to any PC. { Big File Sender 2.0 }

    Hello Friends.... My First Software Review... :D Big File Sender Personal Edition newVersion 2.0 Released Size: 2.37 MB Platforms: Windows XP, Me, 98, NT and 2000, 2003 Transfer BIG files. Resume your broken transfers. Do you have data security when you send files as email attachments? Do...
  11. P

    how can i delete a yahoo mail account....

    how can i delete a yahoo mail account.... is it possible to identify the sender of an email?...
  12. Third Eye

    20 Million Junk Emails Blocked Daily at Windows Live Hotmail

  13. C

    To track an address from an email!!!!Is it POSSIBLE?????????

    Hi guys Yesterday i was watching NATIONAL REPORTER on STAR NEWS.On the bulletin there was a report on a Guy who sent email to Narendra Modi,Gujrat's CM,in abusive language and also threatning him. The email was received by Modi on 24th Dec. Now the police claims that they have caught down the...
  14. T

    SuSE 10 CDs

    I need the SuSE 10 CDs (all) or DVD (all) Where can I get them, please tell me. I am ready to pay the sender. Please tell me.
  15. S

    Where to buy 90s games in Chennai

    Hi, I would like to know where in Chennai I can buy some slightly older games. Titles I would like to buy include Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, Dungeon Siege+Legend of Aranna, and a few more... Already checked large bookstores such as Landmark and Higginbothams where they have a small...
  16. sourav

    Why do e-mails bounce?

    In computer jargon, a bounced e-mail is one that never arrives in the recipient’s inbox and is sent back, or bounced back, to the sender with an error message that indicates to the sender that the e-mail was never successfully transmitted. But what happens when someone sends an e-mail out into...
  17. G

    block sender button in yahoo mail

    Hi can anyone please help, I find the block sender button available in the http://mail.sify.com/ but the same button is not seen in http://mail.yahoo.com/. Hoe to block some senders . Regards G.Ramesh
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