1. B

    MBA in "finance" or "Logistics and supply chain management" ?

    Hey guys, I am in the last semester of B.B.A. I have to apply for admission in MBA course now but i am confused what specialisation should i choose. I like logistics and supply chain management but everyone i talked to, says there are very less job opportunities with it and engineering degree...
  2. Harsh Pranami

    What to do in semester break???

    Hi friends. I just gave my 3rd semester examinations. I'm pursuing BE in cse. Now I have a long one month holiday before 4th semester begins. I want to utilize my holidays for something useful. I was wondering if I could take some course in java or some other language. My basics in C and C++ are...
  3. harshilsharma63

    Post your queries related to C.S.E. 5th semester

    Hi guys. I|Many TDF members (including me) are currently pursuing their engineering. As for most sstudents (:D) exams would be after ~2 months, I decided to create his thread. Members/Students can post thir queries of C.S.E. 5 th semester (yes, I'm currently in 5th semester) here. The subjects...
  4. N


    hi guys, i'm planning to give gate 2010 a try. so please suggest a good coaching centre or correspondence coaching. i am a 2nd year(4th semester) student of MIT, anna university chennai. any others from chennai who are planning to take gate 2010.
  5. Sooraj_digit

    Laptop now or in next semester

    Hey guys, Staying in hostel, i m planing for buying a laptop in the next semester... My priorities are: 1. It must have decent graphics capabilities not insane but mid-core, since i love playing games and i have graphics desining courses in the next semesters... it must have good support for...
  6. dashang

    Need help about studies

    I have passed SSC with 68% , thats too low. And in 1st semester diploma in IT, i got 65% nearly and in 2nd semester i got 64% which is great downfall!!! I have seen guys talkin' that they have got 80%. I cant figure out how they get it. I just want to know how they study...
  7. P


    pls... giv me a project title to do for mca 6th semester .net
  8. P

    pls... help me...

    pls... giv me a project title to do for mca 6th semester .net
  9. P

    pls... guide me...

    i am studying MCA. now in 6th semester. i have to do project in 6 semester. pls tell me which project and language should be selected. what is web portal? what is .NET? pls... give me some tips...
  10. hafees

    J2EE or .NET???

    Hi! i m on my final semester MCA. We have a full semester project. So i m confused about the platform for development. Some says with .NET 2.0 there will be a .net trend in IT. I ve tried ASP .net and found it better than plain ASP. But i didnt tried JSP. what is new in .net 2.0...
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