1. bestpain

    growth of IT industry if going cashless?

    As we can see that most of the transactions are now cashless and payments are made online,online recharge etc. So there must be the need of programmers and developers to create,design and maintain these database,transactions. i wanted to know which jobs in IT sector will grow(like database...
  2. mohityadavx

    Safe to use this HDD?

    Hello, I have a HDD which suffered some physical damage. The log below gives the extent of the damage. Can I use this HDD for storage purpose? Is there anything at all I can do to use it in a safe manner or would you recommend me to dump it. Macrorit Disk Scanner Device: Mass Storage...
  3. rhitwick

    Bad sector on external HDD

    I've a 2TB HDD with 200KB bad sector. IS there anyway I can isolate/block this bad sector part and continue using this HDD. With bad sector it stops working seldom and copying to and from data has become a PITA. Any help would be really appreciated. Unable to use a huge space due to such...
  4. ASHISH65

    Govt body wants OBC quotas in private sector

    Backward class body for 27% quota in private jobs Source - Backward class body for 27% quota in private jobs - Times of Indi :banghead::banghead::banghead: Looks like in future we need to move out to nation like Canada,Australia etc for job because these politicians have no respect for hard...
  5. quicky008

    Whats the significance of reallocated sector count warning?

    Recently while playing a video on my pc,i was experiencing really jittery performance and the player was freezing up every few seconds-i thought that something might be wrong with the hdd and so i checked it using HDtune pro-on running it i received a warning that the reallocated sector count of...
  6. patkim

    Need help - HDD SMART info

    While I have read about HDD SMART data here and there on the web, it continues to confuse me!! . My HDD health report is shown as OK, I am trying to understand how to interpret Current Pending Sector count. Could there be any relation between Current Pending Sector Count and Reallocated...
  7. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Public Wi-Fi in urban areas part of DoT action plan for Modi government

    The Department of Telecom has included providing Wi-Fi services in urban areas in the action plan being prepared for the next government headed by Narendra Modi. The DoT has mentioned "Wi-Fi facilities in public places in urban areas and commercial centres" in its agenda for new regime and said...
  8. quagmire

    [Help] 'Caution' in CrystalDiskInfo for External HDD

    My 7 month old WD My Passport 1TB External HDD was running fine until now. Hadnt checked smart values until recently Windows recommended a chkdsk. And after 6 hours this is what it shows: I later ran CrystalDiskInfo and the values are here: The Raw values of the Current Pending Sector...
  9. nvrmndryo

    crystaldiskinfo shows current pending sector count 200 , what does that mean ?

    crystaldiskinfo shows my wd 1tb hdds current pending sector count 200 , and uncorrectable sector count 200 . is it serious ?what does that exactly mean ? - - - Updated - - - attached image
  10. soyab0007

    Caution : Current Pending Sector Count

    I am getting this error, what should I do... All my data was on this HDD..
  11. B

    USB Pen Drive has bad sector

    My friend has a 16 GB Transcend pen drive. He bought it less than a year ago from Flipkart. Now when he attaches it to the computer, it gives a message that the device is not formatted, and when we try to format it, the format fails (quick format). I tried formatting it in command prompt, and...
  12. patkim

    Query abt HDD Bad Sectors

    I have an old SATA HDD (> 6 years old). Select parameters reported by Crystaldiskinfo are as follows. Raw values in decimal. -- S.M.A.R.T. -------------------------------------------------------------- ID Cur Wor Thr RawValues Attribute Name 01 112 _95 __6 43572170 Read Error Rate 05...
  13. tkin

    How do I damage a HDD intentionally?

    Don't laugh at the title, my Seagate HDD was showing replaced sector for a few months, they increase 1-2 every week, when it reached about 30 and crashed my OS twice/epic BSOD, caused data corruption(AC3 save game lost :() I took to to service who rejected it as it passed seagate check tool, now...
  14. H

    Best ISP in KOLKATA

    Hi, I want to know which ISP is the best in kolkata ( best as in regarding consistently providing the advertised speed, and also it should provide reliable connectivity) please keep in mind 1. i live in salt lake city sector 2 kolkata 2. i am considering a plan of around 1mbps so i need...
  15. N

    career options after class xii

    hello, i am currently pursuing class xii studies but i dont have computer or maths as my subjects.So pls advice me on what to do after class xii and what are my options after class xii in the it sector.
  16. C

    2G Scam: Sunil Mittal tells telcos to be quiet, cooperate with agencies

    SOURCE 2G Scam: Sunil Mittal tells telcos to be quiet, cooperate with agencies - The Economic Times
  17. Gaurav Bhattacharjee

    Western Digital HDD (probably gonna crash)

    Benchmark Health (there is one unstable sector....what to do???) Health (UDMA CRC Error too... :(...) Error Scan (showing the damaged sector) Random Access Extra Tests AAM what to do with this disk? can't RMA because it was a part of a pre-built system from f**king Chirag. (pardon...
  18. mad1231moody

    Copy non windows drive to another

    Just got myself a new 1TB HDD. I want to copy all the contents of Drive D:which is non windows drive to the new HDD. I want all the contents as they are on new drive(500 GB partition). Now the new drive is more roomier then my D: drive so I am not sure if copying sector by sector will work as I...
  19. shiwa436

    Unable to format Memory card

    Hi friends, One week old (neewly bought) memory card, when trying to FORMAT using MAAX MX404 mobile gives "MSDC write sector error". When trying to connect to system, its not opening. Please help int this regard. Thankyou.....
  20. K

    Bad Sector Formed in HDD

    There is a bad sector formed in my hdd,i am not able to create partition and install OS. Is there a way to remove or rectify it?
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