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  1. RCuber

    DAE get Youtube XSS issue?

    I am getting a Cross side scripting issue in Youtube today. I have noscript installed in firefox and it popsup this message anyone else getting the same issue?
  2. S

    Creating new files each containing one line per file from a given text file

    Hello everyone ! I am referring shell scripting. So I came across various strengths of scripting. I was just thinking whether following idea is possible: suppose I am having a text file containing 10 lines. Now I want to create file1 with line1 of it. Then file2 having line2 of text file and...
  3. INS-ANI

    Looking for good TCL scripting training institute

    Looking for good TCL scripting training institute I am looking for good TCL scripting training institute in India for taking a short term course(max 10 days). Presently i am doing PG in VLSI design(Semiconductor) and am located in Pune and would be willing to take the course anywhere in India...
  4. iinfi

    help!! can someone please explain me this script

    i m no good in scripting. the source is here http://www.idevelopment.info/data/Unix/Linux/LINUX_ConnectingToAniSCSITargetWithOpen-iSCSIInitiatorUsingLinux.shtml#Configure%20iSCSI%20Initiator%20and%20New%20Volume and the code is here /etc/udev/scripts/iscsidev.sh #!/bin/sh # FILE...
  5. S

    shell scripting

    Is learning shell scripting in UNIX of any use (besides geekiness) as most of the distros are shipped with gui and what is the best source for learning shell scripting
  6. saurabh kakkar

    suggest a book for learning Unix commands and scripting

    plz suggest me a good book or E-book for learning Unix commands and shell Scripting regards saurabh kakkar
  7. ~Phenom~

    Suggest a good database and a scripting language

    Hi guys, I have been told to learn a database and a scripting language in my office to enhance my skill set , so that I can handle a variety of projects . I already know Core Java and currently learning a bit of servlets and MIDlets. I have been also told to learn XML for another project. I...
  8. ax3

    Google fixes Gmail 'ethical hacker' vulnerability

    Three days after ethical hacker Petko Petkov announced his discovery of a cross-site scripting vulnerability in Gmail, Google says it has fixed the problem. "We worked quickly to address the recently reported vulnerability, and we have rolled out a fix," a Google Australia spokesperson told...
  9. esumitkumar

    good book / ebook/link for shell scripting ?

    Hi guys I want to learn unix shell scripting from scratch. Can somebody suggest a good book / ebook / link for shell scripting ?
  10. paragkalra

    Good Book on Shell Scripting?

    Hi Folks....Can u please suggest some good book on SHELL SCRIPTING! It should have decent amount of explanation in lucid language and with plenty of SHELL SCRIPT examples.....
  11. D

    Cross site scripting

    What is it? XSS stands for cross site scripting (CSS) Since CSS is already taken by Cascaded Style Sheets, it is named XSS X standing for a Cross. It is a kind of hacking which allows you to deface websites, loggin as another user etc. Introduction Let us start by looking how websites...
  12. koolbluez

    New Text/Code editor

    We r quite familiar with Crimson Editor, NotePad++, TextPad... They rock. Makes life (or should i say.. code editing) simple... No fuss.. direct editin. There's a new kid in the block by the logo.. In type we trust. Well... Intype is a powerful and intuitive code editor for Windows with...
  13. anandk

    about IE7 SECURITY.

    is IE7 really more secure than IE6? yep ! most definately ! IE 7 resolves many security weaknesses, which microsoft never got around to patching in IE 6. IE7 includes several security enhancements. this article list the imp security enhancements in ie7 viz. Better zone control ActiveX...
  14. vasulic

    How to remove "mshta.exe"?

    what the hell is meant by "mshta.exe contains suspicious scripting activity"? whenever i go to "user accounts" in control panel and click on "change the way user log on or off" - my anti virus(McAfee) prompts this message ("mshta.exe contains suspicious scripting activity"?) what should i...
  15. paragkalra

    goto command for shell scripting?

    Hi everyone I wanted to know, whether "goto" command is available for bash shell scripting. If there is, then how to use it. Actually I wanted to transfer control to some other line in my shell script. Is there any other away of achieving it.
  16. T

    Learn the Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting

  17. T


    HAI GUYS Can u give a tutorial on flash scripting or tell me any website on this flash scripting bye
  18. T

    MySQL - GUI / CLI

    hey i m new to MySQL. Therefore tell me, 1) is there n e GUI editor for scripting in MySQL? Or i have to continue using our very on CLI? Lemme know
  19. rajesh

    Enabling right click on sites that disable it

    Lots of web sites have disabled the right click function of the mouse button... it's really, really annoying. This is done so that you don't steal (via right-click->save picture) their photos or images or any other goodies. Unfortunately, it disables ALL right-click functionality: copy, paste...
  20. K

    Windows Scripting

    Hi All Anyone has some idea about Windows Scripting... What it is, how we do it, and all that stuff... Kinshuk
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