1. ithehappy

    Seagate 1 TB vs WD Black 1 TB, which one?

    I will buy a HD on Monday. I see that the Seagate 1 TB 6 GB/s has 'better' specs than WD Black 1 TB 6 GB/s. Am I right? The Seagate has lower latency, higher transfer rate, slightly lower power consumption etc. So may I know which one should I get? Seagate: Desktop Hard Drive SATA 6Gb/s 4TB HDD...
  2. kool

    Presentation on SECURITY TOOLS...!!!

    Hi friends, i'm in 2nd year CS branch, i got a PPT presentation on SECURITY TOOLS (hardware & software). Please help me what to write in this topic..? and what is hardware security?? And how can i make my presentation attarctive..?? Please help me out guys.... SAURAV (noida)
  3. Vishal Gupta

    Windows VISTA Webchats by Vishal Gupta, Shantanu, Choto Cheeta and anandk

    Guys Me, Shantanu, Saurav Basu (Choto Cheeta) and anandk are going to host a few Webchats for Windows Vista in coming days. :) Shantanu Kaushik Date - 26-Mar-08 Time - 1500 -1630 Setup and maintenance: Installing Windows Vista, troubleshooting, activating Windows, system information...
  4. Choto Cheeta

    Typing mistake at

    One of the India’s finest news channel has a small typing mistake at its online new portal,, the exact URL is, * where you can read, its said that Saurav Ganguly has scored 269 runs, where as in fact its 239...
  5. src2206

    Saurav made his maiden double

    Source: Live television Commentry Its great news, Dada made his first Double Century...he is an epitome of comeback. Now what the hell do you have to say Aussie Greg??? :x Damn you Greg and his poodle Kiran More (played only one test in his career). Keep it up Saurav.....:D
  6. Kiran.dks

    Promoting from Blog to Website! Suggestions needed...

    Guys, I have my blog [edit:closed blogger]. My friends suggested that the content of the blog suits for a website. It was in my mind for many days. Now I have decided to have my own domain. But, I am a noob in the area of webhosting. Giuys, Please suggest/advice me with valuable information...
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