1. vanpr7

    A new GPU required after my current one blew up

    Power Supply : Corsair GS 600 Budget : Around 15000 (maximum 20000) Resolution : 1080p Computer Specs : Mobo: MSI H67MAE35 RAM : 8 GB CPU: Intel core i5 2400 Cm Seidon 120 xl CPU cooler Cm haf 912 case 2 HDD and 1 Samsung evo 840 sad (If anything else required please let me know) A...
  2. ico

    Indian grandpa, visiting his son's family in USA, now in hospital, paralyzed after Police beat him

    without any reason. Sad. Grandfather visiting Alabama from India stopped by police while taking walk, left partly paralyzed |
  3. Nipun

    Xperia L Damaged in rain | Speakers not working properly

    I was enjoying riding my Access in this rain when the mortal enemy of mobile phones entered my Xperia L. The touch, display and storage is fine but the speakers are not working properly. They have lost their volume and are not playing some sounds of music tracks at all. Upon advice from many...
  4. Allu Azad

    Guess The Song

    Hi guys , Can you guess which song is this ? I have given the english translation of a hindi song ( some parts of the lyrics ) . Try whether you can identify which song is this . If you are to be sad, I too would be sad with you Though I may not be visible, I will be close to you Wherever...
  5. A

    Vaio SVS15116GNB VS Dell New! Inspiron 15R Special Edition

    HI All, Want to buy a laptop but confused :-? with these two laptops.Please put some light on it. SVS15116GN : S Series : VAIO Laptop & Computer : Sony India VS New! Inspiron 15R Special Edition Laptop Details | Dell India Sony: Intel Core i7-3612QM...
  6. pramudit

    cowon se2 bundled earphones

    i received my cowon se2 for my digit subscription. The problem is that, in one earpiece beats are clearly audible but in other there are not beats..... :sad: how to get 'em replaced...? i received them ton 13th jan... :?:
  7. chandrudme

    Budget Router

    Hi Friends, I need to share my broadband line with LG optimus one mobile.. I've seen some posts about G type / N type routers.. But i'm not aware what it is :( So pl suggest me to choose a best budget router for my need... I may connect 2 mobiles thru wifi. The below are the...
  8. abhijit_reddevil

    Australian radio host abuses India

    Australian radio host calls India '**** hole', Ganga a 'junkyard' Australian radio host calls India 'shit hole', Ganga a 'junkyard' - The Times of India Sad but true. :sad: But the foreigners do not have a right to say this. :-x It is for us to solve. Truth also is, the Gandhi family is...
  9. bubusam13

    3D Video !! :(

    Hi, I bought 3 pairs of 3D anaglyph (red-cryan) glasses. I also downloaded the 3D(anaglyph) HD version of Avatar. I m getting 3D effect. But the picture is not so clear. Even its a HD video, then also :( Again the characters do not come out of my monitor as shown in advertisements. I have...
  10. V

    Mobo Bios-Processor Compatibality help :?

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a "Asus M2N68-AM PLUS" and a "Athlon II x2 250". My only worry is the listed motherboard does not support x2 250 out of the box but does after a bios update. Currently I own: Core 2 Duo E6300(1.86ghz) Asus 946GZ model: P5B-TMX-GB-SI(OEM from HCL, sad bios...
  11. Surya Prasad

    New PC Configuration?

    I Need to buy a new CPU? My PC Configuration is as follows. Motherboard: Gigabyte 8I865GME-775 Processor: Intel(R) Pentium 4----3.00Ghz :sad: RAM: DDR 1GB RAM Hard Disk Storage: Samsung 40GB HD :sad: Graphics Card: ATi HydraVision 9200 (128MB) :sad: Operating System: Microsoft Windows...
  12. eggman

    My friend very sad and going mad...Reccomend a good councelor in Bangalore

    Hi One of my friends have some issues in her life and is very sad because of them. Can someone recommend a good councellor in Bangalore ? Someone trusty and who has good reputation . I may also need one in few days
  13. T

    digit voucher help

    i send my digit lucky no. and i win course at but i don't know how to get started as someone deleted my sms in mobile. help me! :sad: ---------- Post added at 01:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:42 PM ---------- email me at
  14. ritvij

    cnt install office 2010

    I get a gr8 error while trying to install office 2010 from the digit DVD it says that i need MSXML ......... something.. pls. help...:sad: also my older office 2007.. its word is not opening it gives the following errors
  15. INS-ANI

    Possible Water damage to laptop

    Its sad.. sad news. The mumbai cyclone may have its toll on first non-living creature -my laptop! It was kept on a table near window when it rained heavily.And it drenched my lappy. I took out the battery, cleaned it and kept it under a 60 W bulb for almost 6 hrs. I felt it would be...
  16. paroh

    Good news for Mtnl triband -Mumbai and sad news new for mtnl-delhi

    Good news for Mtnl triband -Mumbai and sad news new for mtnl-delhi Mumabi user will get double speed at the same cost of 256Kbps like 256Kbps will get 512Kbps . * But sad news there is no change in plan for Delhi user
  17. damngoodman999

    Why TDf guyz ABSENT ??

    I was wondering where all the guyz in the TDF forum went ?? now a days i dont see many of them , the replies are becoming Dull - many of them are vanished ?? why any particular reason ?? :sad: Threads are becoming very less !! :sad:
  18. T

    Shocking !! AIrtel / Vodaphone GPRs Stopped

    :xAirtel as well as Vodaphone have stopped their Unlimited Internet Browsing which was charged at 19 or 20 Rs for 24 hours..1 week back !!!!!:???::???: Sad for users like me.. Instead they have insisited on their 10 paisa/ 10 KB which happens to be a fools paradise..coz a 1 page comes to 1...
  19. M

    Twouble with Twitters - Must Watch

    Twouble with Twitters :-( Check Out the Video Here: * :sad:
  20. Skud

    Where is Overdrive?

    recently i purchase a palit radeon hd4850 and install the version 9.2 of catalyst driver. however, i couldn't find neither the overdrive menu nor the option to enable it in CCC. :sad: even the driver bundled with the card didn't show it. :sad: plz help.
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