1. A

    Hardware upgrade

    Well, i have the following config: OS:Win XP SP2 HDD:Seagate 160 GB RAM:1 GB Processor:intel pentium D CD drive:LG super multi DVD r/w motherboard:mercury PI945GZD I WANT TO UP GRADE MY PC please suggest some rigs . budget = rs 7000
  2. P

    which Corsair model is best?

    There are various series from them, which one is good performance and efficiency wise? AX or HX or TX or GS or CX? My build will be i5 2500 ASUS P8H67 M EVO 4Gb RAM 1Tb and 320Gb SATA HDD ASUS DVD R/W LG CD R/w 3x 120mm fans without LED and 1 with LED Nvidia 8500GT 512M bgraphics card (not sure...
  3. D

    Sony DVD R/W

    Hii On Monday i purchased a new PC which which i got a Sony DVD R/W, but the problem is the dvd r/w is not detecting any autorun for any dvd. i mean when i insert a game dvd it is taking too long for me to start the Setup and setup also takes too long to begin. neither i can copy anything...
  4. S

    Buying advice for cpu in 8k

    Hi, I have a budget of just 8K +- 500. My requirements are: 1. Processor 2. MB 3. RAM 4. HDD 5. DVD R/W 6. Cabinet+SMPS Please help me to build a CPU within this budget.
  5. S

    good dvd r/w

    hey can anybody suggest me a good dvd r/w media which can last long. Last time i got a moserbaer dvd r/w ,it lasted only 4 burns. Is there any way i can differenciate between bad quality and original dvd r/w?
  6. H

    registry tweak

    what is the registry tweak to switch off and on the writing ability of the CD R/W?
  7. Apollo

    Opinions on DVD R/W

    I'd like to know what should one look for while buying a good DVD R/W. Which is the best brand as far as DVD R/Ws go? Why go for a particular brand? What should one keep in mind while selecting a DVD R/W? Finally, for a city like Mumbai, any help from a Mumbaiite, with regards to where...
  8. D

    Wanna buy CD r/w PLZ Advise.........

    :roll: Hi All, Planning to buy a CD R/W please suggest which is the best and cheapest somewhere around 3k wud do.. Please note ..> not a DVD R/W ..> not a Samsung as i had terrible problems with it.. no more Samsung for me Thanks in advance. Daryl
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