1. sam_738844

    Homefront Returns : With Revolution

    Crytek's Homefront: The Revolution launching next year with full day/night cycle, dynamic weather system, and online co-op mode. Homefront Returns in 2015 as an Open-World FPS on Xbox One, PS4, and PC - GameSpot
  2. sam9953

    [Query] Will I Get My Logitech MX Revolution Replaced?

    Hi guys, my father bought a Logitech MX Revolution from France for me, and after nearly 2 years of usage the mouse is next to dead, with a spoilt copper plate charger and lots of trouble with the left click. So my question is as the warranty for this product is 3 years, is the warranty...
  3. Alok

    Assassins Creed 3

    Ubisoft continues to annualise its franchise. And here is another confirmation. Assassin's Creed 3 launching October 30 - //MOD edit: Added 101gamzer's post in OP as it had a little more details
  4. Stuge

    Shoot Now ,Focus Later !!

    Lytro - The Start of a Picture Revolution - YouTube
  5. Tenida

    Chetan Bhagat's next novel 'Revolution 2020

    Revolution 2020', the next Chetan Bhagat book hits bookstores this October. The bestselling author of Five Point Someone, One Night @ The Call Center, The Three Mistakes of My Life and 2 States, has been tweeting about his next book for the last few weeks. 'Revolution 2020' is said to be...
  6. J

    Z68 version of Asus P8P67 WS Revolution.

    In the P67 lineup of Asus Motherboards, I was really very much convinced with the performance reviews and the features of the Asus P8P67 WS Revolution. What is the equivalent version of the motherboard in the Z68 chipset. Does anyone know about that? Asus have outed two ROG Motherboards...
  7. furious_gamer

    Cricket Revolution - Review

    It has been a while since I played a cricket game and decided to buy a new game, and finally I end up with this. The store had three games BLC2007, Ashes 2009 and Cricket Revolution. After I bought the game, I find an interesting news related to that game. The Official ICC Cricket World Cup 2011...
  8. V

    M950 vs MX 5500 Revolution

    Whats the difference between 'Logitech Performance Mouse M950' and 'Logitech MX Revolution Laser Mouse' in 'Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution' ? I am kinda confused between this two!
  9. codename_romeo

    Need Help regarding software

    Hey guys i wanted to know the names of the probable softwares that can be used to make animation and videos like the one i am posting below. YouTube - Social Media Revolution Regards Codename_romeo
  10. Rahim

    Revolution OS - Story of Linux

    Wiki Link Google Video Link
  11. aku

    Be prepared to amazed by the revolution: Cairo Concept

    To all the dudes and gurlz out there, I bring this to you straight from Let me present you all with Cairo Shell for windows. Sure it did turn mine, what about yours??? Till now, the've only reached Milestone 1 UI concept stage, but i'm sure this guyz...
  12. K

    Pics I took at Times AV Revolution

    Here are some of the pics I took at Times AV Revolution which was held recently in Mumbai. The pics were taken from the camera of my SE W710i (which possibly has the shittiest camera of all SE phones) at 2mpix and then downsized to VGA. These aren't all the pics, but some of the best i took...
  13. ╬Switch╬

    What do you wish you could do or have on the internet?

    I wish there was an online version of photoshop with all the capabilites of PS CS3:D. Would do you want from the web 2.0 revolution?
  14. amitava82

    Linux Gaming :: Isn't it time for a revolution?

    This is a post from forum. I really like you guys to read this thread. specially the second page first post. I don't know how you guys would feel while reading but I was way too excited n was feeling that i should so some kind of revolution to change this situation. :mad...
  15. C

    Nintendo Wii launching in July for $199??

    Well Nintendo's new video game console (more than that) is now named as Wii.. which was called Nintendo revolution. It got no interest in graphics as most of them say.. It is more like Xbox.. But for $199 (<10k) is good.. and worth it for all its applications like wifi and other enhancements...
  16. N

    OS Movies!

    Hey Friends.. I have seen somewhere there is a movie [linux] name "The Code" After searching I got the below link.. Has anyone seen it? Does anybody have the download link? Also how is the movie. "Revolution OS"
  17. jamyang312

    Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 vs. Revolution

    X-box360 vs Playstation3. You decide!! Please tell me now what u think about both of them? :twisted: :twisted: :?: :twisted: :twisted:
  18. Sourabh

    Nintendo Revolution Discussion

    Nintendo 'Revolution' to take place mid-2006 Nintendo's Revolution console, its answer to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will ship mid-2006, a component supplier has revealed. Everyone knows IBM is supplying Nintendo with processor technology, while ATI is contributing Revolution's...
  19. tarey_g

    Now Nintendo talks next generation

    Nintendo dropped the first hints about its next generation video game console Thursday, joining the growing battle for pre-emptive consumer awareness. President Satoru Iwata, in a keynote speech at the Game Developer's Conference, said the new machine, currently code-named Revolution, will...
  20. K

    What is OS revolution movie about

    Can anybody post wht is the os revolution movie about. i havent seen it. Karthik
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