1. E

    Xiaomi Mi4 to Debut in India by Year End; Redmi Note, Redmi 1S to Hit Stores Before Diwali

    (Source) Still not as VFM as the Mi3, I guess...
  2. Desmond

    Killing Floor 2 Discussion

    That's right. Killing Floor 2 has been announced. Source : *
  3. N

    GTA will be released on the PC on November 22

    Source : GTA V PC: Release Date and Details Revealed
  4. S

    New Xbox To Be Revealed In Two Events, Starting Today at 10:30pm IST ( 10am PDT )

    New Xbox To Be Revealed In Two Events, First on 21st May and then at E3 Finally!! The launch is over. The Xbox One has been revealed!!! The second part of the launch is going to be held at E3. Enjoy. The below link is the official Xbox one page with the video of the unveiling and other...
  5. Alok

    Medal of Honor : Warfighter

    And sequel to moh2010 revealed. This will use frostbyte 2.0. Medal of Honor: Warfighter Revealed - News - Update: coming this october... Medal of Honor: Warfighter arriving in October - Report - Seems another BF3.
  6. haider_up32

    Best monochrome laser MFD for under 10k ??

    I decided on Samsung SCX4300 but a quick search on the internet revealed it has a sensing chip to detect refills. Any suggestions??
  7. N

    BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams & Battlefield 1943 revealed!

    BioShock 2 is revealed. It is a continuation of BioShock. They say there was some cut-scene in the first BioShock of PS3 version. More news & trailer here: * And Battlefield 1943 has also been announced! It is sequel to Battlefield 1942...
  8. Zangetsu

    Tekken !!!

    :) I played tekken 5 its a awesome game........ and I know dat the winner of iron fist tournament in tekken 4 was :cool: jin kazama (which was shown in tekken 5) & now tekken 6 is also released .....:smile: Does anybody know who was the winner of tekken 5 (IFT:rolleyes:) it will be...
  9. Q

    Tehalka Revealed

    Hi All, Actually i was waiting to see Does any one going to talk about the Gujrat riot and about the BJP, SHIV SENA, AND VHP......After tehalka revealed every thing But no one is dare to talk about the "TRUTH" here..... Actually these are the parties which are destroying the peace of india and...
  10. RCuber

    iPhone "NEW" features revealed .

    A insider from apple has revealed new features of iPhone which is not shown in the official feature list. I think many may have already seen this. For others who have not seen the new features here is the video. Its about 1min 11 sec. EDIT: This shows about 15 new features. link
  11. T

    Shrek's Babies Revealed!

    Very beautiful family. :D. See more pictures here :- *,,20037361_1,00.html
  12. hbk549

    Halo3 Story Revealed

    This is Story is Halo3
  13. QwertyManiac

    Yahoo password hacked

    Help Please, I put my comp into standby and went out for a while, it was connected to the internet. When I returned and saw my messenger which was ON too, It showed the message that 'You have signed in from another device'. I tried signin in but got an invalid password error. It looks like...
  14. S

    First look at PlayStation 3 chip

    Some details of the chip inside Sony's PlayStation 3 have been revealed. source : *
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