1. K

    Gamers, I am doing research on eye fatigue

    Hey gamers! So I am undertaking a project wherein I have a 5 question survey asking about gamers getting eye fatigue when playing for a long period. Link: Would you use Eye Protection for Gaming? This basically asks you about eye fatigue when you game and if & how much you're willing to spend...
  2. C

    Kindly suggest me a good monitor among the suggested options !!!! Plzzzz

    Hi folks, I am into quest for buying a new monitor and doing a kinda some research on them. My basic requirements are concentrated on playing Top Games and watching HD (Blu ray) movies and surging .. Doing some high research I came up with these monitors. 1. Dell UltraSharp U2412M...
  3. Desmond

    Scientists confirm existence of elusive 117th element

    I can't believe that no one posted about this. Source :
  4. RCuber

    Looking out for a LED TV [60-70K]

    so my dad finally decided to retire our old TV, so my research starts now. Budget 60-70K MAX. Size: 39/40/42 Type: Passive 3D. Time of Purchase: in one month. I was surprised with my fathers decision for on selecting on a 3D TV as I hate 3D, but he and my sis in law saw a 3D demo...
  5. V

    Help for Research Project - Google Form

    Hi friends, In one of my subjects of my MBA course I have been asked to carry out a research project on subject of my choice. I have chosen subject of 'Study of consumer buying behavior with respect to smart phones'. Being a techie I chose to post it here and get views of other techies out...
  6. Binary_Hero

    Artificial Intelligence(AI) Research as career

    Nilanjan Majumder here, Am 15 now and looking for AI research as a career option. All Digitians, please advice whether there is scope for AI research in India or do I have to move abroad. Also suggest Universities and related courses. Thanks for your upcoming support.
  7. dhawald

    Booked Tata Nano special edition after much research.

    Hi guys, I have booked Tata Nano special edition after doing much research on the car. was to be used mainly in city driving and some occasional highway use. Great space, Great mileage, great AC and very comfortable. will post pictures when I get the delivery.
  8. Thetrueblueviking

    GTX 560 SE vs RADEON HD 7770.

    Purely for gaming purposes, I would really like to know which ones better ---- I did quite a research only to find mixed opinions. However the 560 SE seems to have the edge. Your views --- :wink:
  9. toad_frog09

    Final Year Project Help

    The following thread was made because I needed some (read: huge) assistance in our final year project research. So apart from answering my queries, any sort of contribution, may it be name of other tech related forums or websites, notes or papers, or any sort of information you come across from...
  10. A

    End of Blackberry? Research in Motion struggling to survive

    yet another victim getting crushed in rising Android/Apple dominated market. RIM shares plunge: 'It's a matter of survival now' From CrackBerry to 'depressing': The BlackBerry's 5-year fall
  11. S

    Buying Dell XPS 15

    I am looking to buy Dell XPS 15 with the following specs : i7 2670 2.2 GHz Nvidia GT540 2GB 8GB RAM 1080p Display 9 Cell Battery USB 3.0 Port It is costing me Rs.71000/- I have done all the research in other brands and if you think there can be a better option at this price with a...
  12. socrates

    Research points out at rising risks of Bluetooth devices

    Finnish data security firm, Codenomicon says software faults in Bluetooth devices are becoming easier to exploit, putting users at risk. Bluetooth radio technology is widely used to link cellphones to their accessories, and its security has not been considered a major problem. Research points...
  13. mayoorite

    Research and development in computer hardware

    Hello ! I am in 11th class and want to make my career in Research and development in computer hardware.So which degree course i should do after 12th and from which college.How could i prepare for the entrance for it from now(Please do not suggest coaching or tutions for preparation).
  14. D

    Poll: 4GB vs 8GB Ram

    What do you think guys? As per my research 4 gb is worth than 8gb.Google
  15. windchimes

    Indian Movie Exhibition _ Multiplexes Vs Single Screens

    Dear Digitians, I need all of your help in one of the media research activity I am taking now. You all would be definitely lovers of movies and I would like all of you to take part in this media research survey on the Singlescreen Vs Multiplex theatres in Tier 1 cities in India. Your each...
  16. Rahim

    Fudged findings: The Increasing Plagiarisation Of Research

    A recent study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics in the USA has revealed that Indian scientists are the worst offenders in faking research. Thirty-four per cent of the research papers out of the 50 withdrawn relate to some kind of fraud, including cribbing of findings, concocting data...
  17. S

    i want to buy a webpace and a domain , can anyone suggest me good hosting companies

    if anyone can , please suggest me nice, companies , and tell me your experience with them . i want to research before spending money on any one of them.
  18. escape7

    This Digitian needs your help :{

    Hey guys, I'm in a jam, this procastination thing just about screwed up everything. I am doing my Masters from scotland and am due to submit my research project on the 25th of August, today is 22nd night. :/ I have been slogging for the past 2-3 days and am at the final stages. I desperately...
  19. Rahim

    Mandriva is Alive!

    Mandriva is alive! Finally, after weeks of uncertainty, we've just received a press release from Mandriva, and we're pasting it verbatim so you can read the news for yourselves. Let us know what you think this all means. Mandriva restructures to establish European leadership...
  20. Rahim

    Did Mohd Afzal aka Afzal Guru had a fair trial?

    For those who believe in trial-by-media should not post in this thread.:twisted: I came across this site during one of my online research of what exactly this hoola-bulla is about one man who despite being sentenced to death, hasnt YET been hanged. I was...
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