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  1. R

    How to remotely connect 2 faraway computers over the internet ?

    Hi, I want to know how to remotely connect two faraway systems over the internet without the use of any 3rd party software.. I want to know how to achieve the above through remote desktop connection Thanks
  2. rickenjus

    split file online

    Is there any website, or any filehosting site where I can upload file remotely and then split it into two or more parts or just down file into parts..???
  3. F

    Asus P8z68 V Pro MB - Sleep Mode Help

    Anyone know how to get this mobo out of sleep mode? After a few minutes this mobo goes into sleep/hibernate mode and I cannot login remotely to the pc since it thinks its off. I disabled the "Internal PLL Overvoltage" in UEFI BIOS.
  4. sriharsha_madineni

    Remotely Control Your Torrents Using Web UI From a PC/Mobile

    For those of you torrent freaks here's some info on controlling and adding torrents to uTorrent client remotely from another PC/Mobile. Most of these tutorials work for BitTorrent too REMOTELY CONTROL TORRENTS FROM PC Remote control your torrents with uTorrent's WebUI µTorrent WebUI Guide...
  5. P

    Long-delayed post

    I posted a new thread in Chit Chat last night and briefly got a message saying that the post would show up after it has been approved by the mods. More than 14 hours have passed since then but my post still has not shown up. There's nothing that could remotely be considered offensive in that...
  6. esumitkumar

    How to access Ubuntu from a remote windows PC ???

    Suppose u have Ubuntu linux installed at PC A ... and u have win XP in PC B. and say u wanna access PC A from PC B remotely. How to do that :confused:
  7. B

    installing software remotely via batch file

    hello everybody I want to install software on clients' machines remotely via batch file or with any other software. i want to do this silently means user should not know this that i am installing software on their pc.
  8. N

    Enterprise solutions

    Hi tech users! I am working in a private company which has 32 computers connected in internal LAN and 3 computers separately connected with Internet connection. 4/5 computers running in Win98 and rest are WindowsXp Professional. My task is to manage all the computers for virus protection...
  9. R

    Remotely viewing an IP camera

    HI, I got a new Trendnet IP camera IP100W and also have a free account with DynDNS.com. I use a DSL modem and a Wireless router to connect to the network. How do i configure the system to view the IP camera remotely from the internet? Using the DynDNS domain name, I only get to reach the...
  10. max_demon

    Remote control PC??thru data cable

    is there any way to control PC remotely like this via data cable PLEASE
  11. satyamy

    Remote Controll PC.......?

    I have a Static IP address I m using Sify's BroadBand Is it possible that i can Remotely Controll My Bro's PC in Indore He is using Airtel's Internet... from any software's Like Remotely Anywhere If yes than pls tell how.......?
  12. T

    how to start a session of remote access?

    hi ppl, i have symantec pcanywhere 11 and my bro has it too..actually i am firewalled (NATed)..so i dunno whether its possible for him to access my pc remotely thru symantec or thru some other s/w if its possible pls letme know. Thanx.
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