1. A

    Rare HD games for android

    I want 3d hd games for android which are not from the developers ea and gameloft
  2. quan chi

    why i get this message before startup.please post your suggestions.

    hi guys. well now whenever i switch on my pc i am always greeted by this message. it used to occur previously also(i mean it started this month but initially it was very very rare) .but i now get frequent this message.please help. nothing is overclocked.
  3. shashank_re

    New PC @ 60k

    Here goes my existing HCL Branded PC which i bought 4 years ago. Intel P4 3.0Ghz Asus P4P800 VM Mother Board 1.256 GB DDR RAM 17" LG CRT Monitor Nvidia 6200 AGP graphics card. But since all of its components like MB are outdated,i dont have flexibility to upgrade and hence going for a...
  4. aryayush

    "An Excellent Implementation of State-of-the-Art Features"

    Finding it “a significant leap,” Steven Levy (Newsweek) calls iPhone “a superbly engineered, cleverly designed and imaginatively implemented approach to a problem that no one has cracked to date: merging a phone handset, an Internet navigator and a media player in a package where every component...
  5. damnthenet

    Buying All in One!!!

    I'm planning to buy an ALL in one (Printer and scanner)....... Which product should I go for???? I will use it to take about 50 pages (text) per month and rare photos.... Please tell me....budget 4-6 k ........thanks in advance...........
  6. godsownman

    Bit Comet

    Hi, I have been using Bit Comet 0.60 for some time. The other day I was downloading a very rare music file but to my astonishement the total % instead of increasing started decreasing i.e. the total % completed was 25 but after a few minutes when I checked it was at 18.9%. What could be the...
  7. dhan_shh

    Rare Phones

    Hi Friends,I hope everyone will agree with me regarding 'come out of Monotony',We'll share some of our experiences with "Rare Phones". Let us see about the so called 'Laptop in our Palm',a revolutionary phone: "HTC Universal " phone---*Pocket PC/Twisting Clamshell, *3G/Triband, *Touch...
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