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  1. a_k_s_h_a_y

    adsense query

    does higher page rank means more money per click .. is it ?? and when will a site get a page rank that was started on jan 15th ?? any idea guys ??
  2. ashfame

    Page Rank Invalid

    hi to all! PR of my blog : http://tech4sure.blogspot.com as checked by http://www.smartpagerank.com/ was Suspect PR - Be Careful! Not Found in Google Cache! after a few days, it changes to Page RaNK is valid and now again it is Suspect PR. How can this happen?:shock: :shock: Once having a valid...
  3. Mr.Cool

    Alexa Traffic

    How many days does Alexa take to display the Rank of a site ?
  4. pritish_kul2


    how do we become moderator or any other high rank?
  5. plsoft

    Help with math !

    I'm not too bright with maths, i wud be really grateful if i could get help with my queries. 1. How to solve (find roots) of cubic equations (ax^3+bx^2+cx+d=0) ? If possible please explain the the whole process without short-cuts. 2. Please explain Rank of a Matrix & how to determine them...
  6. T

    Motherboard Confusion --- please help

    Hi friends, We know that Intel based Processors work fine with Intel Original Motherboards. But I need to find a very good motherboard for Intel P4 (LGA 775) and Intel P4 (478) based processors from amoung the following brands. Please rank them in assending order according to their...
  7. F

    Which is better Learning MFC classes or VB

    Is VB the replacement for MFC or viceversa or both are different technologies of the same age? which is better for programming ? And which is more in demand where jobs are concerned? VC++, C#, J# are also there where do these rank? Thanks for your replies in advance.
  8. tuXian

    .:: Is Google Updating Page Rank & Back Links ? ::.

    I have noticed Page Rank of my sites increasing in a last couple of days. Even the Back Links have increased. Is this a Google Page Rank & Back Link Update?
  9. K

    Pls Help

    I want to buy a domain for my blog. My current google page rank is 5. I want to know if I buy a domain will my page rank will be affected. Thanks in advance. http://techticker.blogspot.com
  10. anandk

    rank the anti-spywares.

    hi ! how would u rank the following Anti-Spywares, in terms of effectiveness in identifying & removing spyware/adware ? microsoft antispyware, adaware, spybot, spy sweeper, pest patrol, spyware docor, xoftspy, mcafee antispyware, yahoo toolbar antispy. i agree no one anti-spy suffices...
  11. anandk

    rank the AntiVirus.

    guys, how would u rank the following Anti-Virus, in terms of effectiveness in identifting & removing viruses ? :?: bitdefender, mcafee, avast, avg, trend-micro pc-cillin, norton, quickheal, kaspersky, nod32, panda.
  12. A

    Hey frnds .....

    This is how my Alexa site rank changes... Please tell me how i can improve this ranking...
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