rank the anti-spywares.

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hi ! how would u rank the following Anti-Spywares, in terms of effectiveness in identifying & removing spyware/adware ?

microsoft antispyware, adaware, spybot, spy sweeper, pest patrol, spyware docor, xoftspy, mcafee antispyware, yahoo toolbar antispy.

i agree no one anti-spy suffices, but still i'd like to know how they rank in your opinion. :)


I used spy sweeper in the beginning but I've switched over to Ad aware.
So my ranking will be

1.Lavasoft Ad Aware
2.Webroot Spy sweeper


1. Spybot. (It has got real time scanning, scans web pages for spywares and also the registry)

2. MS Anti Spyware ( though a little buggy)


here is all u need

microsoft spyware, once in 6 months

adaware once in a week

spybot sad once a month

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Your list is not adequate as you failed to mention the BEST ANTI SPYWARE 'BPS Spyware & Adware Remover'. As I have tried all but ,believe me, this is THE BEST.


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Curious Guest said:
Your list is not adequate as you failed to mention the BEST ANTI SPYWARE 'BPS Spyware & Adware Remover'. As I have tried all but ,believe me, this is THE BEST.
BPS Spyware and Adware remover is an AdAware and Spybot ripoff...pls dont use such deceptive softwares.

here's the truth abt BPS spyware remover:
false positives work as goad to purchase; company is known adware distributor (1); exploits name SpywareBlaster (1); Ad-aware rip-off (1, 2); Spybot S&D rip-off (1, 2, 3); old version was same app as Real AdWareRemoverGold, Spyware Nuker, & TZ Spyware Adware Remover; new version uses "Spyware Cops" or "Spy Striker" front end [A: 6-26-04 / U: 3-25-05]

if any1 wants to know abt this and more such illegitimate softwares claiming to be anti-spyware/adware softwares, pls visit these sites to get ur doubts cleared:

Note: even the company name may be percieved deceptive. BulletProof Software is a different company which makes softwares like BulletProofFTP Client and BPFTP Server. their website is http://www.bpftp.com/
the other company is BulletProofSoft, which, it seems is not only illegally using codes of other software, but is also using a name which cud be misleading.

PS: thanx to swatkat for letting me know of this thru the spywarewarrior website :D

btw, about my personal opinion on anti-spywares, well, MS AS is not bad, but it isnt totally dependable, so, i use spybot as a fallback option. the combination never fails :D


Yes, Sree is right, BPS is rouge AntiSpyware.
And i prefer SpyBot SnD, AdAware, Webroot SpySweeper, HijackThis and ToolBarCop.
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