Which is better Learning MFC classes or VB

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Is VB the replacement for MFC or viceversa or both are different technologies of the same age? which is better for programming ?
And which is more in demand where jobs are concerned?
VC++, C#, J# are also there where do these rank?
Thanks for your replies in advance.


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R u reffering to classic VB i.e., VB 6.0 ??? Forget VB 6.0 and switch to .NET. In .NET it is your choice to choose the language may be VB.NET or C# or J#. All use the same .NET framework., if u want to learn a new technology then it is .NET, it has got this superb technology in it. for starting u can go for VB.NET , but if u know C++ or VC++ u can jump to C#. u can also learn ASP.NET as most of the code is written in any one of the .NET languages.

I dono howmuch VC++(MFC) has hold on the industry but .NET is comming through, and FYI windows vista is completely .NET.


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ya buddy .net is the way to go... and as per the rankings... i guess c# is in more demand than vb.net.... and j# and asp.net are web related technologies.....

try to lear as the vista wave is coming next year and things are going to be ported to .net... COME WHAT MAY
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