1. ramprasad

    Best Java IDE

    Hi all, I would like to know the best Java IDE for Windows.. I have used JCreator and NetBeans IDE... If u have found anything good, please let me know it... Regards, Ramprasad
  2. ramprasad

    MPEG2 Video Editing freeware

    Hi I would like to edit a few MPEG2 videos, I mean cut and merge. Can anyone, let me know any freeware for it.. Regards, Ramprasad
  3. ramprasad

    Remove TV logo from video

    Is it possible to remove the TV logo from the video I have captured using TV Tuner card...? Any help would be highly appreciated...! Ramprasad
  4. ramprasad

    Single tool to find max Sys Props

    Hi, Can u please tell me which tool can be used to get the maximum System props...? Regards, Ramprasad
  5. ramprasad

    Best TV Tuner Card

    HI all, I would welcome suggestions for the BEST TV tuner card that you have come across. I am in the process of procuring one... Regards, Ramprasad
  6. ramprasad

    How to create a Boot CD

    Hi Can anyone please guide me how to make a bootable CD...? I want something like Win 98 Boot (Floppy) Disk... Since, the floppies get corrupted, I want it in a CD.... Regards, Ramprasad
  7. ramprasad

    Introduction to Websphere and XML

    Hi I would like to know more info regarding Websphere and XML. I googled but I wasnt able to get the info I wanted like the integration of both. Please let me know if u have online resources. Regards, Ramprasad
  8. ramprasad

    Increase number of users to server

    Hi all I have a system which runs as a server with Win2k. Currently only 11 can authenticate to use the machine. How can I increase this number....? Regards, Ramprasad
  9. ramprasad

    Memory of Nokia 3120

    Hi all Does anyone out here know the memory capacity of Nokia 3120.? Is it possible to extend it....? Regards, Ramprasad
  10. ramprasad

    Folder.htt and desktop.ini...! Is it a virus...?

    Hi all I have the files "Folder.htt" and "Desktop.ini" files in all my folders. Is this a virus? I have installed NAV 2003 with the latest patches.... but no positive response.... :roll: Is there are any tools? If there any sites..? Please suggest as early as possible...! Regards...
  11. ramprasad

    Unable to play VCDs

    Hi all Recently my friend burnt a VCD that plays perfectly in his system, but I am not able to play the same in my system. I have WMP 9, Power DVD... even then I am not able to play it... Is it some kinda codec problem... If so, can anyone of u let me know where I can download the latest...
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