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  1. Gauravs90

    [Complaint] Rakhi was not delivered by indiatimes on time.

    I've booked a rakhi to be sent to someone on shopping.indiatimes.com on 27th July and they failed it to deliver it on time i.e 2nd Aug :evil: . Irony is that they provided shipping information on 3rd Aug by aramex express. How can they ship Rakhi when it's already over on 3rd aug:shock:. It's...
  2. utsav

    Rakhi warning !!!!!!

  3. amitabhishek

    Rakhi Sawant gets 12,515 marriage proposals in 20 days

    OK..sue me for posting this...but I feel either the country is full of frustrated men or most of them are numb nuts...I mean how can this happen.... Source
  4. ravi_9793

    Do you like Rakhi Sawant

    I think we all know who is Rakhi sawant. I am sick of her interview/ shows /media talk e.tc on TV.If you ask me about her..I will say "SHE IS MENTALLY RETARDED". She talk in abnormal fashion. I dont know..why media is behind her. One of her abnormal activity...
  5. iMav

    a flash game

    guyz try this game really fun ... based on mika singh and rakhi sawant ... Go Here
  6. T

    About Rakhi Sawant.

    As most of you know what happened between Rakhi Sawant & Mika Singh 2 days ago, an happy proceeding is there. I just saw IndiaTV trying to make things easy by video-conferencing between Mika Singh, Rakhi Sawant and her mother. Finally they agreed to solve the situation with talks, and Mika Singh...
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