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  1. K

    Gphone to hit shelves by late 2008 ..??

    The rumoured GPhone may be up for sale by late 2008 . The GPhone will run a LINUX based OS . The alliance of 30 companies which contributed to the development of this OS says that it plans to release these 'OPEN PHONES' by the second quarter of 2008 . Developers will be able to download the...
  2. iMav

    Puny Marketshare: Macs Not as Popular As Fanboys Think

    For Mac fans, there is good news and bad news coming out today from analyst Gene Munster of investment bank Piper Jaffray. The most remarkable aspect of Apple's skyrocketing popularity is the fact that the company shipped 2.16 million Macs in the third quarter of this year. The part of the...
  3. aryayush

    Apple reports fourth quarter results, sets new record for Mac shipments

    Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results Quarterly Mac Sales Set New Record Quarterly iPhone Sales Exceed One Million CUPERTINO, California—October 22, 2007—Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2007 fourth quarter ended September 29, 2007. The Company posted revenue of...
  4. F

    Gta IV Gets Delayed

    GTA IV release delayed until the second quarter of 2008. http://ir.take2games.com/ReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=258238
  5. aryayush

    Apple Posts Record June Quarter Revenue and Profit

    Apple Posts Record June Quarter Revenue and Profit Posting revenue of $5.41 billion and net quarterly profit of $818 million, or $.92 per diluted share, Apple today announced its financial results for its third fiscal quarter, ending June 30, 2007. The results, representing the highest June...
  6. Kiran.dks

    Nokia launches phones for poor

    Nokia launches phones for poor Nokia on Thursday announced the launch of seven low-end, new phones at an event in New Delhi, India. The company said the phones will be available in the second and third quarter in select markets for estimated retail prices, before applicable taxes and subsidies...
  7. aryayush

    Apple isn't a company. It's a phenomenon.

    Financial Statements [PDF] Data Summary [PDF] Apple Reports Second Quarter Results Earnings Grow 88 Percent Year-over-Year CUPERTINO, California—April 25, 2007—Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2007 second quarter ended March 31, 2007. The Company posted revenue of $5.26...
  8. Kiran.dks

    Motorola Unveils Bendy Phone, the Rizr Z8!!

    Motorola Unveils Bendy Phone, the Rizr Z8 Slides open and bends to bring the microphone closer to the user's mouth I will try to get the pic of this sexy piece from motorola. Meanwhile if any one finds it, pl. post it. Motorola Inc., the world's second-biggest mobile phone maker, on...
  9. alsiladka

    Nokia N77, E90, E61i and E65 Announced

    The Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia E65, and Nokia E61i support the most popular email and business voice and other productivity and leisure time solutions, operate across different continents using the quadband GSM and 3G network frequencies, provide fast broadband data connectivity with 3G WCDMA...
  10. s18000rpm

    Intel DX10 Chipset - "Bearlake" to debut in 2Q

    Before Intel will start gearing up to push its new Bearlake-series chipsets in the second quarter of 2007, the US chipmaking giant plans to increase shipments of 965-series chipsets by 50% in the first quarter to meet strong demand generated by Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system (OS)...
  11. s18000rpm

    Intel to lower Processor Prices in 2Q 2007

    Source: Digi Times
  12. crookbond

    Earlier launch of Intel quad-core CPU

    Intel will introduce its quad-core desktop processor series, codenamed "Kentsfield," in the fourth quarter of 2006, instead of the first quarter of 2007 as originally scheduled, Taiwan motherboard makers noted. The unit price of the quad-core Kentsfield CPU will be US$999, in 1000-unit tray...
  13. Sykora

    Microsoft To Offer Free Vista Upgrade

    Microsoft is trying to recover ground after having delayed Vista so much. I feel a bit mad though, at the kind of subversion companies do, to up sales, especially this line : It's contemptible, really.
  14. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Nvidia Still Graphics-Chip King Intel, ATI Dominate Chipsets

    Nvidia Still Graphics-Chip King Intel widened its lead in the overall graphics market for the first quarter, while ATI and Nvidia continued their dogfight for second place, according to research released by analyst firm Jon Peddie Research on Friday. While Intel held onto a commanding 39.1...
  15. Sourabh

    nVidia financial year report for 2005

    nVidia financial year report for 2005 For the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005, revenue increased to $566.5 million, compared to $472.1 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2004, an increase of 20 percent. Net income for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005 was $48.0 million, or $0.27 per...
  16. R

    AMD Slaps Intel again

    No longer can Intel claim to be the fastest. With the cancellation of the 4 Ghz P4, AMD has now taken it's rightful place ontop for most powerful processor with the FX55 and AMD64 4000+ . And now Intel's pushed back (like I said they would) their Dual core processors to the first quarter of...
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