1. prvprv

    Any Android QuadCore mobile with Tv out / HDMI/ MHL ?

    I want to purchase a mobile which can mirror the screen to a lcd tv. Are there any QuadCore mobiles which support tv out / HDMI/ MHL for the price <18k ? If a phone supports OTG will it support tv out also?
  2. coderunknown

    HP Pavilion 15/G6 - powered by AMD Trinity/Kabini/Richland

    Official discussion thread for HP laptops powered by AMD Trinity/Kabini/Richland Model Operating System Display Processor Ram HDD Graphics Card USB 2.0/3.0 Price HP Pavilion 15-e017AU DOS 15.6 Inch AMD A4 5000 (1.5Ghz, no turbo) quadcore 8GB DDR3 1TB Radeon HD 8330...
  3. vickybat

    Nvidia Confirms Quad-Core Tablets Arriving This Year

    Nvidia is getting serious in the tablet and smartphone market and has grand plans to extract a sizable chunk out of the pie. Thanks to its quadcore SOC's dubbed "Kalel" nvidia is in the right direction for providing some high computing power to tablet and smartphone users. They plan to...
  4. K

    which one to choose - AMD phenom ii x4 or intel i5 quadcore

    hi everyone, interested in buying assembled pc. thought of AMD above model coz i will do little gaming(not a hardcore), multimedia n gonna surf the net continuously for a longtime. when contacted a pc sales expert advised me to opt out AMD bcoz in future,after motherboard warranty...
  5. H

    ASUS and DFY 680i(s) to support quadcore penryn

    This is news from inside source at guru3D. Nvidia canceled its plans for penryn quadcore support on its 680i chipset due to board layout factors which i had posted but since Asus and DFY have different board layouts for their 680i these motherboards like the Asus 680i striker extreme and P5N32-E...
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